Wire bending machines

CNC wire benders: automatic wire cutting and bending machines

  • 2 independent 3D bending heads
  • 2 turrets for each head
  • Right-hand and left-hand in-process
  • Up to Ø 10 mm (.39”)
  • All-Electric
  • Single head for 3D bending jobs
  • Double bending turret
  • All electric
  • In-process right-hand/left-hand bending
  • Up to Ø 10 mm (.39”) diameter
Which wire bender is perfect for you?
Pick your machine

Combine the functions you expect and easily identify the product most suited to your needs:

Double-headed wire bending machines, are well suited for medium-to-long length parts with many bends, symmetric parts, parts that close back on themselves or wire-wound resistors. Feed from coil or load cut lengths.

Single-head wire bending machine, ideal for processing shorter parts with complex shapes and three-dimensional developments, using different types of bending techniques.

Which wire bender is perfect for you? Pick your machine.
Freedom of shape
Bending using a standard bushing (flexion bending)
Double die bending (flexion bending)
Variable radius – generated bend
Strike bending
Interpolated and flexion-stretching bending
Edge bending
All electric, all easier

All our wire bending machines utilize "All-Electric" technology that provides a host of advantages.

Minimum setup time and constant accuracy

All movements are controlled via an electric axis and all position and power parameters are saved together with the part program. The absence of mechanical adjustments guarantees quick setup and accurate, positioning. This eliminates the need for a dedicated specialist to set up the machine.

Low maintenance and high reliability

Simplified wiring and the elimination of hydraulic parts reduces the need for maintenance and risks related to component wear. The obvious advantage is that the machine is more reliable and safer.


“All-Electric” technology ensures quiet and clean machines.

Minimum energy consumption, only to 4 kW

We have reduced energy consumption without a reduction in working capacity.

From the idea to the part in one click

It takes just a moment to start production: import the file directly from 3d CAD or input the wire geometric data. The VGP3D software automatically creates the machine program and starts production right away.

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From the idea to the part in one click

VGP3D: everything is simpler with 3D

3D graphics (VGP3D) and continuous display of the processing zone make using the machine easy, comfortable and safe.