Small, agile, intelligent tube bending

CNC tube bender for wires and tubes up to ∅ 28 mm (1.1”). High speed. With integrated loading and unloading

See what’s possible
Autonomous, reliable, indispensable

Its compact layout and integrated loading-unloading enable automated non-stop operation. The CNC tube bender SMART is a machine capable of running without a dedicated operator. SMART is a bending machine you can count on to make your production.

More of everything

Capable of both right-hand and left-hand bending.
Stack tooling provides multiple radius capability.
Bend tube, wire or hybrid tubes (with flanges, end-forms etc.).
The SMART is particularly well suited for bending complicated shapes and multiple radii tubes used in the automotive, air conditioning, heating and refrigeration industries.

Double up on productivity

High speed bending and optimized loading / unload cycles combine to give the SMART unbeatable productivity.

This, together with a very low initial investment, provides very competitive piece part costs.

Double up on productivity
From simple to complex tube shapes
with the same accuracy

The all-electric axis control gives the ability to produce tight bend radii, even less than 1D, and to produce complex shapes with multiple radii or for pre-assembled tubes with flanges, end forms or fittings.
Perfect repeatability and consistent accuracy are guaranteed.

Right from the first part, whatever you do!

It doesn’t matter if you are bending thousands of parts or just a few prototypes. Now you can make the first part a good part. It used to take great skill and a number of man hours to dial in a bend and minimize wasted material. Our 60 years of bending expertise has been condensed into the CNC control of the SMART. Using the B_Tools feature guarantees perfect results regardless of the operator's skills. The first part is always right.

Right from the first part, whatever you do!
Thousands of feasible parts > thousands of possible solutions

The SMART tube bender can be used in a wide range of configurations; from manual to robotic loading or with a range of automated loaders designed to handle straight tubes or pre-assembled tubes with formed ends, flanges or fittings. Choose the most suitable configuration for your needs.

...with integrated loading and unloading

The BLM GROUP tube benders with integrated part loading and unloading systems are the 'go-to' turnkey solutions if productivity, safety and autonomy are what you are looking for.
The automatic tube bundle loader and handling robot manage the entire tube loading and unloading sequence.
The entire system is managed from a single point via the VGP3D programming software.
With the dual unloading zones you can have non-stop 24/7 production without operator dependence.


"All electric", all easier
Minimum setup time and repeatable accuracy

All machine movements are via electric servos. Part bend positions, tooling information, and power parameters are all saved together in the part program. When a job is repeated you simply mount the tools and recall the program. No further mechanical adjustments are needed. This guarantees quick setup and changeover and provides lot to lot repeatability. It also eliminates the need for a bender set up specialist.

Low maintenance and high reliability

All electric operation offers simplified wiring and the elimination of hydraulic components. This reduces the need for routine maintenance and provides more consistent bending. The obvious advantage is that the SMART is easier to maintain, safer to use and more reliable.


“All-Electric” technology ensures quiet and clean machines.

Minimum energy consumption, equal to just 2 kW

We have reduced electrical energy consumption with no reduction in working capacity.

From the idea to the part in one click

It takes just a moment to start production: import a file directly from 3D CAD or input the tube geometric data. The VGP3D software automatically creates a ready to run part program.

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From the idea to the part in one click
Digital bending

VGP3D imports the part and creates the list of bending tools you need.

Tool Room monitors your tooling inventory. If a specific tool is unavailable, it recommends an alternative from the available inventory.

Tool Designer generates online drawings of the bending tools you need.

All automatic, all integrated, all digital!

Digital bending

The software that makes the difference: VGP3D

The VGP3D 3D programming software makes the real difference:
it checks part feasibility, eliminating the risk of collisions which typically occur during the initial part tryout
it calculates the real cycle time in advance, slashing the time needed to create accurate quotes or production estimates. Plus it quickly proves feasibility
it automatically generates the machine program.

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Easy to learn. Very easy to use

Software help for making increasingly more complex curved shapes.
Convenient, easy and efficient.

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Complete automatic import and completion of files. Import of round and shaped tubing. Working in the same environment, both in the office and in the machine.


Immediate verification of the matching between theoretical and practical. Measuring the distance between the tube and the machine component. Measuring the degree of interference.


Full graphic part optimization. Waste elimination. The operator is able to redraw the part and start the production without assistance of a set up person.


Export directly from VGP. Faster (1 min. vs. 3.5 min.) than from CAD. Export full 3D tube assemblies including fittings.

All-In-One: bending and shaping – made for each other

All our tube-forming and tube-bending machines can be integrated into complete production processes. This often means optimizing production: managing the entire process in a single operation and eliminating intermediate steps and part reworking on other pieces of equipment. Simplifies logistics and reduces the production time.

From coil, with mandrel

Have you ever considered feeding from coil?
You can reduce raw material costs, storage space and material waste in addition to eliminating part rework and work-in-process inventory.

This is our solution: by combining a 3-RUNNER and SMART, you can overlap jobs, reduce the cycle time and cut the piece part cost.


Examples of application with SMART