From an idea to the finished part

3D simulation and programming software for tube and wire bending

Transform your most brilliant ideas into your best projects

The VGP3D is the BLM GROUP 3D graphic programming software
for your tube and metal wire bending machines.
Discover why the VGP3D can make the difference.



In VGP3D you have one complete package for all of your tube benders. Only by considering actual machine clearances you can determine real part feasibility.


The VGP3D creates a feasible machine program using simple part coordinates.
If needed, you can edit by dragging and dropping components directly on the touchscreen.


The VGP3D is equally effective for programming fixed and variable radii alike; on any shape of tube geometry (round, square, rectangular, oval etc.); on the machine or in the office. 
Try it out!

Create your program

All the controls you need to draw a new part are at your fingertips: enter the tubes’ geometric data and let the machine automatically create the program.

cad cam for tube
Import your part

You can import the 3D models created on other CAD packages.

Import all formats: STEP and IGES.

And the machine program is written automatically.

Directly to production, even safer

Be absolutely certain that you can launch production without nasty surprises or collisions.

The VGP3D checks part feasibility using a 100% accurate simulation of the part, machine and tools. 

Program optimization is done on the screen not via costly trial and error. Avoid collisions and you avoid costly downtime.


Vai in produzione ancora più sicurori multi-tecnologia
Even more efficient

VGP3D software automatically attempts to find one or more bending solutions to avoid collisions.

You can choose different execution methods according to your needs.

Measure and you are ready to work

When you do not have a drawing or the part coordinates to import and you need to proceed by approximation, you will find the function that allows you to compare the actual measurements of your sample with what you have programmed to be very handy.
A reference position can indicate correspondence between the two so you can kick off production avoiding unnecessary trial and error tests that wastes material.

In the simulation if your part ‘collides’ with the machine, B_Measure will help you understand the extent of the interference.

Misura e sei già pronto per lavorare
Manage assembled parts just like standard tubes

If you deal with preassembled tubes (with flanges, flares, connectors etc.), the B_3D-Part will let you import the extra tube elements in 3D format so that you can realistically simulate part feasibility and take into consideration those dimensions.

Gestisci pezzi assemblati come pezzi standard
Export your part

You do not need to use CAD to re-draw parts that have been modified on the production floor.

Simply export your final part, along with its flares and flanges, etc., out to your CAD.

Export your part
Get it right the first time around with B_Tools!

At last, you can eliminate the need for those manual adjustments which were once required to make good bent parts.

When using B_Tools the machine will take the theoretical data of your part and automatically and safely apply a correction from data stored a database of prior bending experience in similar materials.

This way you get the part right from the start. 


And you are ready for multiple machine scenarios

VGP3D interfaces with all the software of BLM GROUP tube laser, saw cutting and forming systems.

Let the software take into account the effects of bending on a laser cut part and then adjust the cutting data to provide an accurate finished bent part!


And you are ready for multiple machine scenarios
And it is all linked up

VGP3D is also available for use off line on a PC.

This means that you can manage programming in parallel with production and never have to stop processing on the machine.

You can govern all your BLM GROUP tube or wire bending machines from your office with one click.

Very convenient!


And it is all linked up