Tube forming machines with up to 8 tons of force

Tube end-forming and end machining center

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Tube forming and machining: easily and effectively

The AST30 tube forming machine is set up with six processing stations, one of which can be a rotary, suitable for machining and end forming operations.
Each of the six forming stations can be used and programmed for end forming such as expansion, reduction, rolling, doming and trimming. 

With an auto loader, you can also perform head-tail sequence operation to process both ends of the tube in one cycle.

Tube end-forming and end machining - AST30
Efficient, easy and flexible tube end forming
  • 20% production increase;
  • rotating punch full adjustment;
  • servo-controlled axle for punches position change;
  • quick tools change;
  • tube end machining center: facing, chamfering, trimming, rolling with rotary punches;
  • quick and easy set-up and programming;
  • pre-clamping device for safe and accurate tube position;
  • easily integrated in to manufacturing cells;
  • more flexibility on punches length and dimensions of quick tools set up.
You can also trim on the machine

By fitting an orbital cutting device on the AST30, you can eliminate a secondary cut off operation that would typically require special fixturing to position a bent part for forming.

That is a function you will appreciate day after day.

AST30 tube end forming machine
Easy to learn. Very easy to use

The Siemens PLC programming control can automatically manage the machine ensuring maximum efficiency without the need for manual tuning.

Easy to learn. Very easy to use
Unlimited applications