3 operations x 1 CNC tube processing center

All automatic tube straightening, forming and cutting machine. Feeding from coil

See what’s possible
3-RUNNER: not just a tube forming machine

Straightening. End forming. Cutting. The 3-RUNNER is a complete tube production process starting from a coil which, straightens, forms (up to six stations), faces, cuts and unloads the finished part. All in one continuous operation.

Modular tube processing center for your needs

The 3-RUNNER tube forming machine can be configured and used with an array of modules to carry out just a single job or as a complete production process. It is modular and customizable. You can build the initial system and then later make it grow according to your needs: from the simplest configuration with just straightening and cutting, to the most complete configuration, which includes forming and programmable unloading.

  • horizontal winder
  • vertical winder (optional)
  • jumbo winder (optional)
  • with four fixed + one rotary station
  • with six ram station
  • integrated unloading
  • orbital scribe and fracture → cleaner
  • blade → faster
Your process in just-in-time perspective
All automatic tube end forming

everything is performed on the machine.

Minimum material waste

with coil feeding.

Simplified logistics

No secondary operations or additional machines are needed.

Perfect repeatability and quality

The entire production process controlled in the background.

Anything is feasible

Anything is feasible with 3-RUNNER. Exploiting its potentials to the highest level is very simple.

All-electric, much easier
Minimum setup time and consistent accuracy

All machine movements are managed by an electric axis and all positions and power parameters are saved together in the part program. No additional mechanical adjustments are required thus guaranteeing fast set up accurate positioning in all phases of production. This eliminates the need for the machine to be operated by a highly skilled specialist.

Low maintenance and high reliability

Simplified wiring and the elimination of hydraulics reduces the maintenance requirements and reduces wear on tube forming components. The obvious advantage is that the machine is safer and more reliable.


“All-Electric” technology ensures quiet and clean machines.

Minimum energy consumption, equal to 4 kW

We have reduced energy consumption with no reduction in working capacity.

Guaranteed repeatability

All setup parameters are saved with the part program. No additional mechanical adjustments mean maximum repeatability.
Furthermore, tube forming is measured in real time to guarantee part repeatability without adding to cycle time.

Your production is always online: whenever and wherever you want!

With ‘Syncro’ you can monitor production on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

You can:

  • continuously monitor all BLM GROUP machines online
  • view the machine state and read detailed status information for each machine
  • receive alarm notifications
  • view the machine on the live video camera stream on the display

Your production is always online: whenever and wherever you want!
From coil, with mandrel bends

The 3-RUNNER is not just a tube forming machine. It is a complete processing center which can be integrated into larger production processes thus combining operations, typically performed on multiple machines with multiple operators. The obvious advantage is the possibility of performing several jobs in parallel, reducing cycle time and production costs.

For example, in the automotive HVAC industry where the applications are demanding (tight radius, small diameter and controlled wall thickness) combining the 3-RUNNER and the SMART tube bending machine means having a completely integrated process starting from a coil and bending parts with a mandrel. It is an extremely effective solution for minimizing cycle times and part cost by running synchronous processes.