Production flexibility for
designer furniture

chairs made every year
increased productivity

The client

Steelcase is a major player in the world of interior design. The plant makes various models of office chairs and armchairs. 

The target

An ambitious drive to modernize the production system that also increases automation in an environment where flexibility and efficiency are watchwords. 

The solution

STEELCASE aimed for repeatable quality, even without an operator constantly aboard the machine with automatic loading  

With E-TURN, the result was better than expected. There was a 50% increase in productivity compared to a 30% forecast made by BLM GROUP during the investment phase. 

It is an all-electric tube bender with left- and right-hand in-process and multi-radius capabilities. It can bend with fixed or variable radius and count on the flexibility of VGP3D. With B_Tools, you can always rely on the getting the part right from the start at each production change.
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The production process of an important manufacturing site cannot be changed just for the sake of new technology. All investments must prove to be cost-effective.
Pascal Jaeger, Metal Engineering Manager

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