Extra large volumes
with Lasertube and tube benders

children's bicycles per day

The customer.

Nathor – Extra large volumes with Lasertube and tube benders.

Nathor is the largest distributor of children's bicycles in South America,
as well as the supplier to the main companies in the same industry.

From Inspire For Tube Num. 25 - July 2020.

The goal.

The rapidly growing overall volumes made it imperative to automate the production process and make it more efficient.

Therefore, an automated and fast production process becomes necessary.

The solution.

Purchasing BLM GROUP tube bending machines and Lasertube systems allowed Nathor to achieve the productivity they need to reach the top of the market and eliminate costly dies they used before.

LT5 is used in the production of many frame models allowing them to change from one part with zero retooling time.
Discover LT5
Primarily used for bending handlebars, the machine makes steel and aluminum parts with the same quality and precision.
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When you buy a BLM GROUP, you buy more than just a machine. In addition to product quality, you get efficient and effective accessory services, sales and customer care.
Antonio Nicolas Vergos, Owner

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