Customers always satisfied
with automation

tons of processed steel
time reduction with LT7

The client.

 BEHLEN MFG CO. - Customers always satisfied with automation

From a family business making small metal parts to a global group operating in very different fields. Key features: attention to the customer's needs, ability to invest in world-class automation, such as that offered by Lasertube systems to ensure quality, and on-time deliveries.

The target.

Innovate the production system by introducing automatic laser tube cutting systems.
Invest in automation to increase productivity but also product quality and process repeatability.

The solution.

The LT8 and LT7 systems have introduced a great leap forward in the automation of the production process.

With the LT8.20, the products that previously required three separate steps can be made using the Lasertube system in just one.
Discover LT8.20
LT7 has introduced a higher machining speed, achieving a major productivity advantage.
Discover LT7
BLM GROUP helped us pinpoint our exact requirements and identify which machine was best for us.
Phil Raimondo, President and CEO

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