Fiber is all grown up.


Fiber laser also for large diameters. 


LT14 FIBER basic configuration
Round tubes, squares,
rectangles special sections,
open profiles.
Cutting head
Tubes and profiles up to
100 kg/m
in weight
Tube machining
To 355 mm
mm in diameter

The advantages of the laser lower the cost per part.

You benefit from considerably lower cost per part and improved part quality compared to other technologies (plasma, oxyfuel). The machining precision is always in line with the required tolerances and there is no need to make adjustments later, which saves time when quality is always under control.

Stainless steel round tube, large diameter, thick material

Innovative architecture makes a difference to productivity.

Faster machining time with an innovative architecture. The cutting head moves, not the tube, which means faster and more responsive movements. The cutting geometries are also more precise because the tube is clamped from the beginning and does not move again until it is unclamped.

Innovative architecture with stationary tube and moving head

Production changes: all automatic.

Changes of diameter, thickness, and section: all automatic. You can switch from one section to another without retooling the machine or manual intervention.

Not only does this save significant time, but it also ensures a more reliable process that is independent of the operator's mechanical skills. The focus remains on production.

Load on chains in the background without interruption

BLMelements: the software suite that creates value


Design of parts and frames in a three-dimensional graphical CAD/CAM environment (Artube) designed to exploit every performance margin of the Lasertubes.
Libraries of functions that speed up and simplify design on the tube.
Accurate batch time and cost estimates for a detailed estimate (PartViewer).
Remote planning and real-time monitoring of work in progress (Protube).

All this and more makes a difference every day in terms of being able to make full use of a laser cutting system, reducing unproductive downtime times and eliminating waste.
A choice of value also involves software.

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