Double turrets 3D wire bender with VGP3D software

Automatic, CNC, all-electric single-head wire bending machine

See what's possible
3D CNC wire bender: here is the E-FLEX

The E-FLEX is an automatic, CNC, all-electric single-head wire bending machine for wire up to Ø 10 mm (.4”). Configured with two bending turrets for both clockwise / counterclockwise rotations, it is suited for 3D bending and makes it possible to use multiple bending technologies at the same time.

High degree of bending freedom

The E-FLEX is an all-electric single head automatic wire bending machine provided with two bending turrets with both clockwise / counter-clockwise rotation, ideal for processing very complex shapes with 3d development and parts of shorter lenght. The wide range of applicable bending technologies (flexion, strike, variable radius bending etc.) ensures flexibility and high-quality results.
The automatic handling of wire from coil feed unit up to bending head, the 3D visual graphic programming (VGP3D) and the continuous visual monitoring of the bending process ensure the machine is easy, comfortable and safe to use.

3D wire bending: freedom of shape
Bending using a standard bushing (flexion bending)
Double die bending (flexion bending)
Variable radius – generated bend
Strike bending
Interpolated and flexion-stretching bending
Edge bending
Not just wire... Tubes, too

BLM GROUP is unbeatable when it comes to team work. 

VGP3D software manages both tube and wire bending systems and interfaces with the lasertube programming software.

Very convenient!

Not just wire... Tubes, too
VGP3D: revolutionizes the way you work

Reverse the bending sequence

Change the bending mode

Edit the part cycle

The software that makes the difference: VGP3D

The VGP3D three-dimensional programming software makes the difference:
- It checks part feasibility, eliminating the risk of collisions which typically occur during the initial test run.
- It calculates the real cycle time in advance, slashing the time needed to create accurate quotes and answer customers’ feasibility questions.
- It automatically generates the machine cycle.

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Entirely automatic jobs

Coil feeding ensures fully automatic operation of the E-FLEX.

"All-electric", all easier
Minimum setup time and constant accuracy

All movements are controlled via an electric axis and all position and power parameters are saved together with the part program. The absence of mechanical adjustments guarantees quick setup and, when a changeover is needed, an always accurate and consistent positioning. This eliminates the need for a dedicated specialist to set up the machine.

Low maintenance and high reliability

Simplified wiring and the elimination of hydraulic parts reduces the need for maintenance and risks related to component wear. The obvious advantage is that the machine is more reliable and safer.


“All-Electric” technology ensures quiet and clean machines.

Minimum energy consumption, equal to 4 kW

We have reduced energy consumption without a reduction in working capacity.