Managing daily production

BLM GROUP system checking and monitoring

Prepare work orders and send them to the machine

Gain efficiency by exploiting the possibility of organising machine programs into combined work orders and sending them to each system connected to the network. Each batch will contain the job settings which will optimise quality and execution times.

Make accurate time and cost estimates

Obtain time estimates for all programs and for the entire combined production batch. Set your preferences to have accurate, real-time estimate of each part for estimating purposes or for comparing the various processing strategies.

Monitor job progress

Machines connected in the network send information to Protube about operating state, event history, job progress and other useful information needed for optimal management of the current production.

Information is more valuable if it arrives at the right time

With Protube the integrated chat function can be used to send messages to the machine operators for timely communication. All processed batches, work orders and jobs are filed on central server and can be reopened at any time to be launched for production or updated.

Together as one


Designing parts or tubular frames



Creating part programs



Planning and monitoring multi-machine, multi-technology production