Programming laser-cutting of any 3D part, created to simplify your work

Software for programming laser cutting on 3D workpieces

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Powerful and fast on any three-dimensional piece

ArtCut is the BLM GROUP 3D graphic programming software developed for laser cutting any 3D part on 5-axis laser cutting machine LT-FREE and 6-axis laser cutting machine LT360.

Programming is simple

With ARTCUT you are guided step-by-step through the entire programming process and you have access to everything you need on demand.

It is fast

Importing of pieces, the creation of cutting paths, simulation and transfer to the machine all follow a streamlined and intuitive logic.

It is suitable for any 3D piece

With ARTCUT you are able to import any 3D piece and develop your work cycle.

A new virtual programming experience

With ARTCUT, modelling of your entire 3D cutting system is available, complete with all of the components you acquired. You can see every part realistically, drag & drop objects and have a series of additional graphical options that turn programming into a simple and intuitive experience.

Integrated 3D laser cutting and bending like never before

Now you can manage scrap on curved tubes without having to modify it on other 3D CAD software. Import it directly from VGP3D or create it in an extremely simple way directly in ArtCut.

The advantage of offline programming

With offline programming you can program, simulate, create quotes, quantify time and costs without having to stop the machine.
This means that you have time for accurate programming and the assurance of continued production 24/7.

A powerful collision search function

Thanks to the algorithm to resolve collisions, the software autonomously corrects the trajectories of the axis in order to avoid collisions with the piece or other elements of the machine.

Adjustments directly in the machine

If needed, you can make changes, adjustments, corrections, set technological options, manage micro-joints and much more directly on the 3D laser cutting machine without going back to Artcut.

Materials and thickness database

ARTCUT also provides a database of technological parameters that allow optimal definition of cutting parameters according to the materials and thickness of the piece to be cut. All the experience of the BLM GROUP for optimal 3D tube laser cutting.

Experience at your fingertips

Fast importing of any 3D object. Creation of cutting paths. Assignment of attachments. Automatic setting of the profile sequence.
ARTCUT provides all these powerful, automatic functions that speed up and simplify your work.

Robots are no longer a problem

Thanks to ARTCUT you don’t need a technician specialized in robot programming. The program can be created by yourself and defines the movements within the working area.

Easy and fast support masks

The design of the support fixtures for the part was never this fast.
ARTCUT proposes the fixture ad hoc for your piece. You are free to make changes if you consider them necessary.

Know the status of your work at any time

Thanks to ARTCUT, the machine is connected to the network and sends PROTUBE information regarding operating status, event history, progress of the work and any other useful signals for optimum management of your production.