Secure programming, secured production

  • 3D graphic programming
  • For tube and wire bending
  • Collision monitoring
  • Cycle time calculation
  • Compatible with all external CAD model formats
  • Tube-specific CAD/CAM
  • For single parts and complex frames
  • Compatible with all external CAD model formats
  • Multi-technology
  • Part program simulation
  • Job setting information
  • Time and cost estimate
  • Program archive management
  • Create batch production jobs
  • Production planning
  • Order management
  • Machine state monitoring
  • Multi-machine, multi-technology
  • Open to interface with management systems
  • LT-FREE CAM software
  • For tubes, hydroforms and sheet metal; including stamped and deep drawn parts
  • Simulation of the entire working cell
  • Avoid collisions
A single management point

BLMelements is a complete environment for designing, programming and planning tube fabrication production.

In the BLMelements softwared suite all BLM GROUP technologies and machines are programmed and managed in the same way.

A single management point
From the idea to the part in one click

Laser cutting, saw cutting, tube and wire bending can all be programmed. 

Start from a drawing file and you can create a part program to send to each machine with a single click of the mouse. Very handy!

1 click
Not only tubes, but any 3D part.

With the BLMelements programming software not only can you process and manage straight and bent tubes, but also flat-sheet, pressed parts, and hydroformed components.

A complete software suite which opens your business to a world of new possibilities.