Redefine the rules of 3D laser cutting

Stepping into the world of 3D laser cutting has never been so interesting

See what’s possible
The rules of 3D laser cutting have changed

A world of unlimited possibilities. Laser cutting of all 3D parts.
Offline programming during the working cycle.
Start production immediately, of new parts too.

Incredible flexibility at an affordable price.

Compact 3D laser cutting system, 3D laser cutting with robot, 3D laser cutting robot cell, laser cutting robot cell.
Anything is feasible

Using the laser cutting head mounted on 6-axis robot, you can cut even the most complex 3D laser geometries.

Compact laser cutting head, 3D laser cutting in tight spots, 3D laser cutting in difficult conditions
No compromise

Using robot handling, you can cut complex tubular pieces with no reworking and maximum freedom. Forget about manual handling, positioning errors or work cycle interruptions.

With the LT360, you have freedom and precision without compromise.

Laser cutting combined with handling robot, robot workpiece handling, laser and robot
Just about everything

With LT360 you can cut any three-dimensional piece: curved, hydroformed, preformed, pre-welded tubes, flat and/or stamped sheets.

With new strategies

LT360 allows you to find the most suitable working strategy for each piece and cut in a single cycle, without the need for repositioning, also thanks to the combined use of a part fixture and a handling robot.

Achieve the shortest cycle time ever.

One working cycle, 3D laser cutting without repositioning
Revolutionize your production

Cutting, drilling, punching, milling, deburring... NO MORE!

The 3D laser cutting function of the LT360 replaces all these operations, allowing you to get the finished part in a single work cycle with no semi-finished products to move and store.

Seeing is believing!
Everything becomes simple

The user interface only asks what is needed, when and where it is needed. You're always guided and you can kick off production quickly.

3D laser machine interface, easy to use 3D laser cutting cell, program 3D laser cutting cell
Everything is now
3D laser cutting using a fixture, 3D laser cutting magnetic supports, smart fixture template for 3D laser cutting

The innovative fixture system is quick and easy to set up and avoids the need to create dedicated and expensive tools for each part.
Think about the time and money you can save.

Everything is accessible

With a large front door and the compact footprint of the cutting workcell, you can access and carry out maintenance, cleaning, inspection, and workpiece loading and unloading operations even easier and more conveniently.

Easy to use 3D laser cutting cell, ergonomic 3D laser cutting cell
Everything is cost-effective

One cut to define two or more pieces.

With LT360, you can!

By making parts with multiple separation you can save up to 25% of the material.

3D laser cutting of multiple pieces
The revolution is now

Choose the configuration that best suits your needs.

3D laser cutting cell configurations, LT360 configurations


3D laser cutting cell configurations, LT360 configurations


3D laser cutting cell configurations, LT360 configurations