All-electric tube shaping with a CNC rolling device, up to 10 tons of thrust

Accuracy and productivity so you can be one step ahead of the competition

Repeatability and precision thanks to CNC rolling

E-FORM has a new, fully electric, rolling device for copper, aluminium, stainless steel or iron tubes with a diameter up to 30mm. Easy to program thanks to the axis management with VGP2D software, creates parts with maximum precision and repeatability.

rolling_system_CNC_BLM GROUP
Shaping and CNC rolling.
A completely different tolerance.

The E-FORM tube shaper punches reach up to 10 tons of thrust.

In order to better mold tubes from various types of materials, from copper to aluminium, to iron and stainless steel, with excellent levels of precision.

In progression, up to 9 processing stations

Shaping, rolling, butting, cutting and more. For each job, your E-FORM has the right configuration.

Prepared for 9 processing stations, you can freely choose how to equip the tube shaping machine, with fixed passages, rotating tools and the CNC rolling device.

By combining the various technologies, it is possible to obtain deformed terminals with repeatability characteristics, finishings and tolerances similar to those obtained by removal methods.

E FORM_up_to_nine_processing_stations

Multiple E-FORM in one. Yours

Choose the configuration that is better adapted to the process you wish to complete.

Edge trimming in the machine, if needed

You can trim the edges directly in the machine, simple, fast and clean.

You no longer need to manually adjust the cutting position; the CN will take care of it!

VGP2D: learning and quick starts

Programming the production sequences?

So simple. Select the punch that you want to use and, by default, the VGP2D will program the most adequate values. It couldn’t be easier!

And it is also fast

What does it mean working with a punch holder table in the horizontal, one that is rigid and has 9 available punches? Significantly reduced cycle times, thanks to the progress of the single punch and the differentiated course. And no withdrawal.

All-In-One Curving and shaping, one for the other
All-In-One Curving and shaping, one for the other
All our tube shaping and bending machines are born to be integrated in full production processes. A considerable advantage in order to optimize production: to manage in a single operation the entire process and eliminate intermediate steps and processing in other equipment, to simplify logistics and reduce production times.
Zero obstacles

The absence of obstacles in the top part of the E-FORM allows closing previously shaped tubes in the clamp, even those with very complex three-dimensional geometries. And it is possible to use a wide range of tools in process. So you can really do whatever you want.

Unlimited applications