Focused to your technology needs:

Where, how and when is your choice!

Our training programs include introductory courses for beginners and customized courses for expert users and specific applications. We offer targeted, wide-ranging training programs at our facilities or on your shop floor with a factory trainer or e-learning sessions.

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Practical training

The courses are held at our facilities in simulated production environments using fully operational machines with the latest technologies: in this way, we can provide a training experience in a controlled environment where students can focus on learning without the distractions of daily production.

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Practical training BLM

The BLM GROUP eLearning is the most flexible way to increase operator skills and enhance productivity. Specific video lessons provide information on system operation and programming followed by self-tests to determine the level of learning achieved. It is the ideal solution for managing training time because the courses can be accessed whenever and wherever you want.

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BLM e-learning

We plan and organize periodic Webcasts to provide additional information on specific topics (CAD-CAM programming for example). An audio connection is established between trainer and trainee while course information is being viewed on line. Convenient, efficient, effective

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BLM Webinar