Success story


Initial situation

Yaris Kabin is the Turkish leader in the production of cabs for agricultural and earth-moving equipment. They have experienced constant growth and success since 2001: Yaris Kabin holds 70% of the market in this sector. Today, they employ some 1000 people in three plants. Major customers, which account for 60% of production, include CNH (FIAT Group) in Italy and Tube Tractor (in Turkey).


Yaris Kabin has always focused on technological innovation, reliability and extreme automation to support competitiveness worldwide. Today they produce 30,000 cabs per year using a line up of machines that is unmatched anywhere in Turkey. These include BLM tube bending and laser cutting machines which have made it possible for Yaris Kabin to greatly increase quality standards and solve major production issues.

The solution

The BLM E-TURN and ELECT130 tube bending systems were chosen for their All-Electric technology, which practically eliminates the need for manual adjustments and combines many processing steps. For example, cab support tubes used to be made by welding three different parts together. Now, using the ELECT130 tube bender machine and a special designed tool set, they can now be made from just one piece. This considerably improved part quality and, above all, repeatability. The benders’ touchscreen operator panel, that incorporates all of the machines operating functions, is a greatly appreciated feature. 
After incorporating the ELECT130 bender the technological innovation process continued with the addition of the highly productive Lasertube LT722D. They are still learning how to exploit the full potential of the machine but material saving is already significant: simply by reducing scrap length and optimizing the initial tube length according to the parts to be cut, Yaris can save approximately 50,000 Euro a year.


The benefits

The investment in the bender and laser was returned through increases in productivity and part accuracy and by a significant savings in material.

Technical aspects

The All-Electric technology of the bending systems has practically eliminated manual adjustments. The result is a considerable improvement in quality and, above all, repeatability.