The difference that no-one else can give you

3D CAD/CAM for designing and programming tubular parts

All 3D graphic CAD/CAM dedicated to tube processing
You are more open to the world

Import 3D models created using external CAD systems with a single click.

Process all formats: STEP, IGES, XT and even IFC. 

Part models created with other CADs and imported in Artube are transformed into native models. 

It is never too late to change your mind

You can also edit, add or remove features from the imported drawing, change tube size or shape, adjust radii or thickness, without opening the original drawing file or ever exiting from Artube.


Complex but not complicated frames

Draw the outline (wireframe) of the structure and then assign the tube dimensions. That is all you need to create the programs you need to make your frame. Joints and intersections are solved by Artube. You can even improve the results by inserting one of the many available interlocking joint solutions.

Hook & Slot

New “tooth” style joint - parametric and compatible with all shaped tubes - for even easier joining of two tubes. Improves coupling rigidity, maintains accurate joint position, and simplifies weld fixturing.

Choose which tubes to connect and let the system suggest an optimal solution, that you can customise later.

Save time, eliminate fixturing, gain efficiency!

Bending-Cut: genius!

Doing lots of test cuts and adjustments are thing of the past.

Just enter the features of the tube in the CAD and obtain the right bending-cut.

Your frame will be simpler and part alignment will be more accurate.


Special shaped sections: everything at hand!

You can process special shaped sections as if they were standard tube shapes.

Exploit these opportunities to simplify your projects and reduce the number of parts to be cut.

Open profiles: like no other!

I-Beam sections to make large structures, use angle iron or channel for frames. Even materials with sharp corners can be cut to create products with a modern appeal. You can even program a customised profile.

Import and edit bent tubes

Import your bent tubes, edit them and then laser cut them.

Artube works for all technologies; laser, bender, saw, wire.

Artube will automatically send the programming information needed to make multi-technology parts.

Composer: make similar parts on the fly

Program your part; define a pattern that repeats, then save the job for future use.

Later, to run a new job, you only need to define the position and number of repetitions.

You do not need to open Artube again or reprogram.

Interface Composer with your ERP system to automatically create programs.

The benefits of Artube do not end with just plain cuts

With one click, add extra cut features such as chamfers to geometries or create weld preps that minimize your grinding and finishing.

Everything you need, when and where you need it
Create or import 2D files

Are your part drawings in 2D?

Do you need to make special cuts?

Do you want to create a special shaped tube?

Artube includes a 2D drawing environment that is fully integrated and configured for the design of tubular components.

We do not put limits on your creativity!

Together as one


Designing parts or tubular frames



Creating part programs



Planning and monitoring multi-machine, multi-technology production