Tube shaping machines with up to 22 tons of thrust

See what’s possible
What you can do with an AST

The AST CNC tube end forming machine is set up with six processing stations: they can be outfitted with ram stations or rotary stations for tapering, flaring, threading, rolling, closing, facing, cutting and more. Combining these technologies means being able to obtain formed and finished parts with quality equal to components with machining operations. With the AST you can also benefit from automatic consecutive head-tail operations to process both ends of the tube.

You can also trim on the machine

By fitting an orbital cutting device on the AST, you can eliminate a secondary cut off operation that would typically require special fixturing to position a bent part for forming.

That is a function you will appreciate day after day.


All the power you need
Tutta la potenza che serve

AST80 – 12 tons of force

AST100 - potenza di spinta 18.000 kg

AST100 – 18, tons of force

AST122 - potenza di spinta 22.000 kg

AST122 – 22 tons of force

All the rolling power

You can create everything you imagine: rolling, closing, facing cutting and more, always repeatable and with finish and quality results equal to those obtained by machining operations.

Unlimited applications

Just choose. Configure the forming machine.