Lasertube and stainless steel:
A winning solution!

productivity increase with the LT5 compared to a sawing machine
operational cost savings with laser compared to blade cutting

The client.

Aperam - Lasertube and stainless steel: A winning solution!

Aperam is a major welded stainless steel tube manufacturer and maker of automotive exhaust systems for customers in over forty countries worldwide.
Aperam Stainless Services & Solutions Tubi CZ, based in the Czech Republic, has a long and interesting history.

The target.

Aperam’s production has grown eightfold since 2005. Today, eleven sawing machine cutting lines produce about four million parts per month. We are talking about stainless steel tubes from 10 to 90 mm in diameter for exhaust systems. The interest in laser cutting increased over time. At first, calculations indicated that it was not economically advantageous, but then the BLM GROUP introduced a specific Lasertube model, the LT5 - dedicated to making straight cuts on round tubes.

The solution.

With the LT5 Lasertube , production increased by 30% compared to their fastest sawing machine. In addition to being more productive, the LT5 laser cutting system was also more cost-effective. The greatest advantage was being able to cut stainless steel, a material known to greatly decrease blade cutting efficiency. What is more, the machine consumed less electricity than a traditional blade cutting system, which significantly reduced the running costs of the entire process and even more so on single jobs. By choosing the LT5 instead of a traditional sawing machine, Aperam has saved 5% on total costs. Operation with the laser is also very easy. Straight cuts can be managed directly from the machine with remarkable simplicity.

Highly efficient laser cutting system for tubes, ideal for materials such as stainless steel. The cutting performance of the fiber laser, combined with reduced maintenance and power consumption, make laser cutting much more beneficial than traditional processes.
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LT5 is used 95% on stainless steel, where the gain over sawing is greater. For now, we are only using it for straight cutting and limiting requests for additional jobs, which are still feasible.
Lucas Terc, Manufacturing Manager

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