Extreme flexibility to make your 3D laser part production grow

Obtain the best performance of 5-axis laser cutting of any 3D part

See what’s possible
Discover the high flexibility of 3D laser cutting

With the 5-axis LT-FREE laser cutting machine, you will have a world of unlimited possibilities: laser cutting of any 3D parts and off-line programming during the working cycle. You’re ready for the production of a new part.

Gain unlimited feasibility to laser cut any three-dimensional part

Bent tubes. Hydroformed. Preformed. Prewelded. Flat or stamped plates. Special and tubular profiles.
The 5-axis fiber laser cutting system LT-FREE is perfect to process any complex part.

Use the robot to eliminate manual repositioning

With Highflex and Oneflex versions, parts such as bent or hydroformed tubes may be cut in a single cycle. The robot positions the part in space so that reworking on fixed templates is eliminated.

This allows you to achieve the highest accuracy and productivity.

Use the robot to eliminate manual repositioning
... And find new strategies for your productivity

With the combined use of a tooling fixture and the handling robot, it is possible to cut complex three-dimensional parts with cutting geometries on each face, all in a single work cycle.

... And find new strategies for your productivity
Let us guide you everywhere

A 3D laser cutting head with a tapered design, developed to reach any position on the part.

By adding the flexibility of the robot to those provided by the CNC 5-axis system of the cutting head, you will increase your capabilities and there will be no limitations between you and what you want to do.

Let us guide you everywhere
... Until when you decide to revolutionize everything

When the complexity and variety of parts to be made increases, you can rely on the flexibility of the LT-FREE 5-axis laser cutting machine and find the best way to laser cut your 3D part.

LT-FREE applications are almost limitless, find out more.

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... and define new accuracy and quality benchmarks

Laser cutting does not deform the part. 5-axis laser cutting produces superior results with greater accuracy and repeatability. This is ideal for robotic welding.

Laser is suitable for all thicknesses including thin walled tubes which can easily deform during traditional operations.

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Do what you do every day, but in the best way...

Cutting, piercing, punching, milling, deburring... ENOUGH!

With the LT-FREE, 3D laser cutting replaces all traditional machining operations and allows you to get the finished part in a single work cycle, without semi-finished parts to move and store.

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Refuse any compromise

Productivity, quality, simplicity, strength: with Active Tools you can laser cut 3D parts with the best performance on any three-dimensional part.

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A reliable and strong 3D laser cutting

With Active Piercing you will get perfect control of laser cutting, prevent piercing inconsistencies and reduce waste to zero.

Make the first piece perfect

Active Speed dynamically manages all the cutting parameters and extends the same robustness provided by the common laser cutting jobs to the most difficult conditions.

Perfect focus in real time

With the Active Focus function, you will always have the best focus configuration with no need for programming.

Cut any position on the part without repositioning

With Active Gripper each clamp will open automatically without disrupting part processing, so it’s always possible to work in single work cycle.

To start production has never been so fast

Active Reference automatically locates the position of the part in the work area and carries out the necessary adjustments to start production immediately.

Programming must be simple

Program your part offline with a simple, user-friendly graphic interface. Simulate the work cell and calculate the cycle time with a few simple clicks.

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... And start production even more

Import the part program developed offline, set up the technological parameters, manage the Active Tools, add changes and start production rapidly. No need to be an expert, everything is simple, everything is guided, everything is intuitive. But don’t worry, you can still say it’s all thanks to you.

Manage scraps on bent tubes

Now you can manage scrap on curved tubes without having to draw it on other CAD software. Import it directly from VGP3D or create it in an extremely simple way directly in Artcut.

Integrated technology

Like every BLM GROUP machine, the LT-FREE is also designed to be All-In-One. In other words, it can communicate with other technologies to make your production even more efficient and the quality of your products even better.

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Get rid of expensive fixtures
3D laser cutting using a fixture, 3D laser cutting magnetic supports, smart fixture template for 3D laser cutting

The innovative fixture system is quick and easy to set up and avoids the need to create dedicated and expensive tools for each part.

Think about the time and money you can save.

Expand your production capabilities to where other technologies cannot

Take advantage of 3D laser cutting to process types of parts that are impossible with other technologies.
You will be able to do anything and even expand your production to new market segments.

In other words: complete freedom

The extreme freedom of movement of the laser head and the use of automatic loading and unloading tables guarantee maximum system flexibility.

The independent double robot work station configuration allows loading and unloading in the background even while the laser continuously cuts.

Freedom to… laser-cut any metals, even 3D

Copper, aluminium, brass, mild steel, stainless steel, galvanized… The system is equipped with a fiber laser to process any type of metal with maximum efficiency and excellent cut quality every time.

Liberi di… tagliare laser qualsiasi metallo, anche in 3D
Now it’s time to choose

You can choose from robot handling of the 3D part to be cut, a single or dual work area, and have the ability to work 24 hours a day with loading and unloading during the cutting process.


Double fixed table
3000 mm x 1000 mm


Fixed table
3000 mm x 1000 mm
handling robot


Two work areas
and two shuttle tables
1500 mm x 1000 m


Two work areas
and two shuttle tables
1500 mm x 1000 m
and two handling robots


Rotary table
3000 m

Examples of application with LT-FREE