All-Electric Tube End-Forming Machine
with CNC Rolling Device.

Configured for your production.

Choose the configuration best suited to your production requirements.

E-FORM All-electric tube end-forming machine with CNC rolling device

7 fixed passes + 1 roller + 1 rotary tool.

E-FORM All-electric tube end-forming machine with CNC rolling device

7 fixed passes + 1 roller + 1 orbital cut.

E-FORM All-electric tube end-forming machine with CNC rolling device

6 fixed passes + 1 roller + 2 rotary tools.

E-FORM All-electric tube end-forming machine with CNC rolling device

6 fixed passes + 1 roller + 1 orbital cut + 1 rotary tool.

E-FORM CNC tube end-forming rolling system

CNC end-forming and rolling.
On a different level.

End-form tubes of different materials: copper, aluminum, iron, and stainless steel. The CNC system ensures the highest level of precision and repeatability to meet the quality and tolerance levels your customers expect.

Sagomatura e rullatura CNC. Tutta un’altra tolleranza

Focus on feasibility.

Retractable  dual clamp on CNC tube end-forming systems

Even more feasibility with the dual clamp.

Create even more complex shapes with the possibility of forming along the tube.

All you need to do is equip E-FORM with the retractable dual clamp that only comes into play when you need it.

E-FORM All-electric tube end-forming machine with CNC rolling device.

Quick clamp changeover.

Change the punch quickly! The quick-change system is designed to be simple and allow you to change each punch in a matter of seconds, eliminating any risk of positioning or clamping errors, even by inexperienced operators.

The set-up is automatic and doesn’t require manual adjustment.

Orbital cutting system on all-electric tube end-forming machines.

And what about trimming?
Do it on the machine.

You can directly trim in the machine in a simple, fast and clean way.
And you don't even need to manually adjust the cutting position, the NC takes care of it!

All-electric tube clamp


Optimal position.
No rejects.

The part is positioned simply and safely in the clamp, increasing the repeatability and eliminating rejects and defects on the tube by using the electro-pneumatic clamp pre-closing system.

E-FORM Applications

Tubes of various diameters, end-formed and rolled
End-formed tube for fitting
Rolled tube with flange
End-formed tube with double clamp
Rolled tube
End-formed tube with double clamp
Rolled tubes of various materials
Bent and end-formed steel tube
Bent and end-formed tube
Bent and end-formed tube on both sides
Bent and end-formed tube with bolt inserted
Rolled tube on both sides
Special protective window for safety during laser cutting

Choose the safety
for your job

E-FORM is CE certified and designed to the strictest safety standards.

The two-hand activation control prevents the operator from coming into contact with the clamp when loading the part.

The work area is completely closed. The safety-interlocked door is equipped with a large Plexiglas window to control all stages of the work cycle.

The electro-pneumatic clamping device allows the workpiece to be positioned safely at all times.

VGP2D CNC roller tube end-forming programming software


learn and start immediately.

Program the work sequence simply and intuitively. Simply select the punch you want to use and VGP2 programming software will set the optimal parameters for you.

Automate your machine and work 24/7.

Choose from a variety of automated material handling solutions: simple automatic loaders
to vibrators for loading bushings and/or nuts, up to complete robotic handling systems.

Tube end-forming machines with automatic loader
Tube end-forming machines with automatic loader and vibrator
Tube end-forming machines with robot loading

Create your production line

Get bent and end-formed part in one efficient work cycle. Eliminate secondary operations and create finished parts in one work cycle. . Manage everything from a single control point.

Our tube end-forming and bending machines are designed to be integrated into complete production processes, allowing you to
optimize production, save time, and dedicate your staff to activities with the highest added value.

But integration is more than just that...

Discover our All-In-One technology

Technical specifications E-FORM

Technical characteristics

Maximum workable diameter

2.0" (50 mm)


100 kN

Clamp closing time

150 kN

Weight of the machine

8818 lb (4000 kg)


Up to 9 axes all governed by CNC

Basic layout of the E-FORM tube end-forming machine
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