HK-Lasertechnik GmbH

Absolute flexibility.

The client.

HK-Lasertechnik GmbH - Subcontractor in the tube world.

HK-Lasertechnik GmbH is a subcontractor. Being flexible and ready to respond to the production requirements of any industry that needs metal processing of round tubes and sections is important. 

The target.

Reduction of processing cycle times and changeover time are the requirements to maintain a competitive edge on the market. 

The solution.

With the purchase of the LT FIBER EVO, HK-Lasertechnik GmbH reached the goal of achieving maximum performance without compromising on quality.

Flexible and productive, with fully automatic set-up, capable of cutting tubes with round, rectangular, open or special sections. Equipped with Active Tools technology, it delivers better results in less time and more easily.
Discover LT Fiber EVO
By investing in the LT Fiber, we have significantly consolidated our market position.
Christian Heber, Partner and CEO

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