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Unlimited possibilities with no compromise.

Choose the optimal loading and unloading length according to your production needs. Optimize your production flows, control two machines with a single operator by choosing your LT7 "right-handed" or "left-handed" version

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Cutting area

Convenient solutions for uninterrupted work.

You can load LT7 with round tubes, square tubes, rectangular profiles, open profiles, or special sections, either manually, with a bridge crane, or forklift. Always easily.

Production changes happen instantly and manual adjustments aren’t necessary. The universal support templates automatically adjust according to the type of workpiece. Lightweight, flexible tubes are supported with additional lateral guides during fast rotations. Heavy and stiff tubes are totally free to move using the integrated steel cylindrical rollers.

The rear loader is open and accessible. The loading chains, in addition to the bundle cradles, which can be quickly removed, allow you to select the most suitable loading configuration according to batch size or section. You can also integrate robotic loaders or automated storage systems.

Insert value!

The automatic insertion unit for threaded inserts on workpieces expands the possibilities of the laser cutting system and simplifies production. A single processing step negates the need for intermediate handling or storage. Inserts from M4 to M12 (according to the tooling) are taken from a continuous feeding system and applied using an easily reconfigurable motorized tool.

automatic insertion unit for threaded inserts

Active Tools:
smart functions to improve your productivity.

Let Active Tools handle the adjustments for you.

Difficult jobs
Active Speed
Deformed tubes
Active Scan
Maximum productivity
Active Tilt
 Automatic features to optimise laser cutting
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LT7 Applications

 Laser-cut tube with LT7
 Laser-cut tube with LT7
 Laser-cut tube with LT7
 Laser-cut tube with LT7
 Laser-cut tube with LT7
 Laser-cut tube with LT7
 Laser-cut tube with LT7
 Laser-cut tube with LT7
 Laser-cut tube with LT7
 Laser-cut tube with LT7
 Laser-cut tube with LT7
 Compacting parts to save material

Save time and material.

Using the dynamic compaction (nesting) function, the LT7 sets the sequence of the parts to be cut along the tube to minimize the end-of-bar scrap, making unloading operations easier and faster.

 The spoon sucks up the fumes and keeps the parts clean inside

Quality outside and inside.

Avoid needing to clean inside the tube after laser cutting. Activated at any time without having to retool the machine, the tube cleaner device is inserted through a suction probe into the tube and collects waste and fumes generated during processing.

Choose the safety
for your job.

LT7 is a Class 1 system. There is no risk of coming into contact with laser beam emissions and reflections during operation. Because it is important to work in total safety in compliance with the highest standards dictated by EC regulations.

Special glass and a properly sealed cutting area protect you from the risks of laser radiation, while an independent safety system allows you to introduce a new tube beam without interrupting production.

Integrate Lasertube and tube bender with ALL-IN-ONE.

When bending a laser-cut part, elongation resultss in the curved areas that shift the previously made geometries.

BLM GROUP Lasertubes and tube bending machines automatically solve these errors by exchanging information on the mechanical characteristics of the tube and making corrections to compensate for elongation. 

That's how you get perfection from the first part!

Discover our All-In-One technology

Increase your
production efficiency.


Protube provides reliable quotes and allows you to identify the best production strategy for both single parts and entire production batches.

It also allows you to manage logistics planning, monitoring and productivity analysis phases, with the possibility of integrating with your ERP.
All the systems communicate with each other and simulate the manufacturing process to support the solution of daily start-up and production changeover problems.

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LT7 technical information


Fibre source

3 kW

Cutting head

BLM GROUP 3D Tube Cutter


Bundle and single bar loading

fully automatic

Minimum loadable length

6'3" (1,9 m)

Maximum loadable length

21' (6,5 m) – 27' (8,5 m)

Beam loading capacity

11023 lb (5.000 kg)


Three programmable positions, rear conveyor belt and motorised front and rear collection benches.

Unloading length

15' (4,5 m) or 21' (6,5 m) or 27' (8,5 m)

Power consumption

Average drawn power

15 kW (O2 cutting gas)

Average drawn power

20 kW (N2 cutting gas)

Standard machine loading 21' (6.5 m) and unloading 27' (4.5 m)

Available versions

right or left

Machine weight

52690 lb (23,900 kg) (including fume extraction)

 Basic layout of LT7 laser tube cutting system
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