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The client.

MarkSTAHL - Produces bent and laser cut tubes right from the start.

MarkSTAHL is a German company based in Jahndorf, Saxony, operating worldwide in the production of tubular parts for a wide variety of industries including marine, medical, aerospace, mining, furniture, industrial and non-industrial vehicle manufacturing. 

The parts made by MarkSTAHL are often used for innovative applications, so the company is called to deal with issues arising from small and diverse batches with cut, pierced and bent tubes of any diameter or section.

The target.

In the production of cut and bent tubes, guaranteeing the exact shape of the finished part is difficult because the plastic deformation of the material in the bending process is biased by the position of holes, trims and other cutting geometries. 

MarkSTAHL needed to acquire a production process that was able to link the various machining operations and establish a real dialogue between the machines to automatically correct the deformation effect of the bending operation. 

A production process that maximizes productivity while ensuring maximum flexibility, eliminating waste and trial and error.

The solution.

The technology to create this type of process already exists and is called All-In-One. It was developed by BLM GROUP and consists of the integration of laser cutting and tube bending systems.  

With All-In-One, the deformation and elongation of tubes during bending is already taken into account by the software and compensated for in the laser cutting process, producing the part right from the start without waste of time and material for testing and correction. 

There are three BLM GROUP systems, all perfectly interconnected with All-In-One technology today at MarkSTAHL: 

The process is extremely lean. The LT8.20 and LT5 laser cut the parts, making the necessary corrections to take account of the subsequent bending process. Then, via the loader, the tubes are automatically transferred to the tube bender. 

The E-TURN 52 recognizes the position of the holes and orients the tube accordingly. Then, it carried out the subsequent bending operations automatically, compensating for the springback of the material. 

All this means that the part is right from the start with no more rejects, or trial and error.

The Lasertube LT8.20 system is a fiber cutting system with a 3D laser cutting head that can cut tubes of any section from 12 mm to 240 mm in diameter.
Discover LT8.20
The Lasertube LT5.10 system is used to develop new products and laser-cuts tubular profiles to make frames and many other components, flexibly and fast.
Discover LT5
Versatile and productive, E-TURN is an in-process, all-electric, right and left hand tube bending machine capable of producing any design in a very short time.
Discover E-TURN
We chose the LT8.20 for its capacity to cut in 3D and its flexibility to tubes we process.
Roland Markert, Owner

How the All-in-one
process works

The tube bending machine
calculates the elongation of the
material and communicates
it to the Lasertube.
Based on this information,
the Lasertube system
corrects the position of the
cutting geometries along
the tube and processes it.
The part is then transferred
to the tube bending machine,
which also compensates for
the springback of the tube.
The result is the laser-cut and
bent tube right from the start.

The advantages of All-In-One technology

 Integrare le varie tecnologie di lavorazione del tubo

- Savings: Zero waste and waste of time for trial and error.

- Simplicity: Not dependent on the operator’s experience with automated programming of the entire process.

- Quality: Repeatability and precision of the parts made.

- Flexibility: Production of small batches with extreme efficiency.

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