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The client.

 Success stories - Grötschel  Gruppe

Grötschel GMBH manufactures steel structures for the mechanical and construction industries. 


Modernize production by implementing an LT8.10 system for tubes and an LS5 system for sheets.  

This goal was fully achieved and confirmed by the innovation award received from the Dresden Chamber of Commerce.  

The solution.

An automated process from importing 3D models to making parts helped increase productivity. 

Active Tools features introduced efficiency and quality, ensuring parts from tube and beams could be produced more easily, quickly and without error.
Discover LT8.20
LS5 completed the package with sheet metal fabrication which allowed the company to fully meet customer requirements quickly and flexibly.
Discover LS5
Artube gives our customers access to a new way of designing and allows us to accept orders that we couldn't have done before.
Sven Grötschel, Owner

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