Quality laser technology that makes the difference.

drawings made with Artube in two days
minutes to make a filter with 500 holes

The client.

Mecal - Quality and laser technology to make the difference.

Mecal is a mechanical component supplier that focuses on product quality to work with high-level – and consequently particularly demanding – companies.  

The target.

For Mecal, compliance with requirements, which are extremely stringent in terms of quality and service, is of fundamental importance because it can make the difference in whether an order can be acquired or not. 

The solution.

Today, with the LT8.20, they can perform jobs that they were previously forced to refuse, making even very complex components with the highest quality standards, counting on a competitive and efficient process. 

For example, a filter that used to be made by drilling 500 holes in a metal sheet followed by calendared and welding is now made by the LT8.20 system in just 3 minutes, and the appearance is superior. 

LT8.20 is the Lasertube system for 3D laser cutting of tubes of any section from 12 to 240 mm diameter with constant performance over the entire working range, regardless of the complexity of the part or the cutting path.
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We invested in the LT8 with our own products in mind, but the system is so productive that we can now reach out to a wider range of potential customers for tube processing.
Franco Savoia, Owner

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