How to manage small and large batches with the same efficiency.

minutes to switch jobs.

The Client.

ABL TRADDETALJER - How to manage small and large batches with the same efficiency

ABL Tråddetaljer make metal wire products, such as wall-mounted CD racks, for themselves but their core business is that of subcontractor for customers in various application sectors, each one with its own needs and issues. ABL Tråddetaljer has worked with various models of wire bending machines.

The target.

With a traditional single-head bending machine, ABL could not make special parts and could not guarantee the quality and delivery speed that their customers – some of which are key players in their sector – demand. This is why ABL owner, Mr. Juha Karthu, chose the DH4010VGP.

The solution.

The main advantage offered by the BLM GROUP DH4010VGP wire bending machine is the capability of working with two heads at the same time. In a few steps and with little overhanging material, the product is manufactured and the flatness of the finished piece is guaranteed. Naturally, increased process efficiency also allows faster production changes for large and small batches.

The all-electric technology of the DH4010VGP wire bending machine is a major technological improvement in itself. It used to take an operator a few hours to switch from one part to the other. Now, it takes just 20 minutes and the electric machine is completely autonomous. The powerful programming software is crucial for processing the broad range of different jobs and is easy to use.

Twin-head, twin-turret wire bending machine capable of bending wire, plates, tubes, bars and armoured resistances. Versatile and efficient, it is the ideal solution for parts with complex geometry, providing very high precision and excellent finish.
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We make many different types of frames and the twin-head solution of the DH4010 saves us not only time but ensures a controlled and repeatable process.
Juha Karthu, owner

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