Laser-Cut Any 3D Profile Like No Other


5-Axis laser cutting in all its power


 LT-FREE - 5-axis CNC 5-Axis laser with robot
Any kind of three-dimensional section:
bent, hydroformed, extruded,
drawn, flat or stamped tubes
and sheets.
Cutting head
5 axis
It can be equipped with dual
for workpiece
Equipped with
cutting stations and
mobile tables

Anything is feasible

Stop at nothing and laser cut any three-dimensional metal profile.

Complex part geometries, variable thicknesses, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and innovative applications. 

Go beyond where everyone else stops! 

With more efficiency

No more cutting, drilling, punching, milling, deburring...  

The 5-Axis laser cutting function replaces all the other operations. Process the
finished part in a single work cycle, eliminate handling and storage of semi-finished products, and
improve productivity.

Advantages of 3D laser cutting of a racing motorcycle exhaust tailpipe

Parallel machining | High-reflective material | Single machine tooling | Loading
and unloading safely during machine operation | Guaranteed repeatability

Advantages of 3D laser cutting of a motorcycle frame

No part reworking | Reduced cycle time | Increased
productivity | Minimum investment in tools

Advantages of 3D laser cutting of an exhaust pipe for commercial vehicles

Minimum investment in tools | Guaranteed repeatability | No
part reworking | No rejects

Advantages of 3D laser cutting of a hydroformed tube pipe for the automotive sector

Maximum feasibility on complex profiles | Machining of several parts in one
step | Minimum investment in tools | Guaranteed accuracy and repeatability.

More convenient

Whatever your production volume, 5-Axis laser cutting
allows you to save time and money, reduce the cost per part, and shift your
operators to value-add activities.

Conventional technology

3 minutes 
Manual cut 

9 minutes 

72 minutes 

Lasertube technology

31 minutes and 30 seconds 
5-Axis laser cutting 

3D laser-cut tube
Cost per part: -60%
on batch of 1,000 parts

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With new accuracy and quality benchmarks

With laser cutting, your part does not deform and the 5-axes of LT-FREE
guarantee precision and repeatability. 

The result is an impeccable, precise cut with smooth, burr-free edges, ideal features for welding
by robot during assembly.

Suited for all thicknesses, laser is particularly ideal for thin-walled tubes and other
, which can be easily damaged using traditional technologies. 

Easy-to-program 3D laser cutting system

Faster than ever, from the idea to finished part.

Program your part offline and send it to the machine in no time at all.

You can import the 3D part, program the work cycle and the robot(s), and using ArtCut, simulate the cutting process to obtain the cycle time, all from the office. Everything is off-line and you're ready to go straight into production. 

On the machine, you can make changes, manage micro-joints and activate Active Tools, all from the touchscreen with extremely simple and clear graphical interface. 

And your LT-FREE is ready at work before you know it. 

Easy to program 3D laser cutting system

Take advantage of the precision and freedom of the robot 

Thanks to robotic manipulation, you can cut any complex tubular pieces with zero rework and maximum precision.

The cutting and gripping positions are always precise and constant, you can forget about manual movements, repeatability errors and interruptions in the work cycle.

Revolutionize your production!!

Configurability according to your production.


LT-FREE Entry Level
LT-FREE One Flex
LT-FREE_Mid Flex
LT-FREE High Flex
LT-FREE Piece Value


Every shape is meant for you!

Choose the configuration according to your production needs. You can choose the single or dual workstation configuration, equipped with or without handling robot up and rotary turn table for high production volumes. 

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