Cutting and Turning Technology

Cutting and turning technology

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Produce bushings or even more complex parts with external/internal threads, radial machining and much
more, w
here absolute quality and even more so low part costs count, keeping your profit margin intact. 


Cutting, inner/outer chamfering, measuring.

For tubes from Ø 10 to 80 mm 
For full bars max. Ø 60 mm 
Part length from 10 to 350 mm 



Cutting, turning and inner/outer threading, piercing/radial milling. 

For tubes from Ø 10 to 80 mm 
For full bars max. Ø 60 mm 
Part length from 10 to 600 mm 



Used and Guaranteed

Completely refurbished, warranted, and equipped with original spare parts and the latest version of Artube.

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Add value to your production

With the BC80 or the EM80, you can perform turning operations on the same machine, in 
addition to cutting
, to make simple bushings or complex turnedthreaded or even radially drilled parts
Certainly an opportunity worth considering! 

Threaded nipple for gas application
Roller for bearing mechanical sector
Suspension rod automotive sector
Reliability and continuity of the manufacturing process

Certified quality

Keep your production profitable by relying on the reliability and productivity of the machining process.

 Automatically certify quality on 100% of the production, so you have absolute verification your parts are made to specification.   

An ever-expanding universe

3D laser cutting allows you to create new applications and overcome the limitations of traditional technologies. Enter new industrial sectors and gain new profit margins. 



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Topic: cutting-and-end-machining
EM80 – Optional Transverse Drilling/Machining unit for value addition

In the case of high-volume production where thousands of parts of each type are produced daily, the possibility of integrating a maximum number of processes into a single production cycle has great advantages.

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Topic: cutting-and-end-machining
All you need to know about radial heads

The radial heads that can be fitted on transfer systems for tubes and bars are numerically controlled tool holders capable of considerably increasing the capability of the system and make feasible a wide variety of parts.

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