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Palletizing system RT100



Palletizing system RT100

New palletizing system for collecting cut lengths of tubes and stacking them neatly in appropriate containers

The new RT100 Palletizing system can be integrated as final station of a cutting line where tubes are cut to length, deburred, measured, washed, and then palletised - as a fully automated process.

Driven by 3 CNC axes, tubes of varying sizes and cross-section can be handled efficiently.

  • Continuous running with auto-pallet exchange
  • Dramatic reduction in noise level
  • No marking of tube surface
  • Suitable for both closed and open-sided pallets
  • Fully programmable management of each pallet's contents
  • Up to ten different pallet designs can be employed
  • Production status report with graphic visualisation
  • Fully automatic setting with no manual adjustment