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Success Stories


Metal wire in all its shapes and uses

BONPEZ, Italy, is satisfied with the development of the Montorfano wire bending machines by BLM from a mechanical point of view as well as the electromechanical components and VGP software

small lots of bent wire

The history of BONPEZ from Corte Franca has distant origins.  It was initially set up in 1974 by Luca's father together with a partner only to break away later, in 1988 to set-up a company as it is known today with his wife, hence the name that is taken from their surnames BONtempi and PEZzotti. Luca Bontempi officially joined the company with his sister, Cinzia after getting his diploma in 1991.

"I already knew all about the company as I used to work here during the summer holidays as normal around these parts of the country" says Luca with pride. His sister deals with the administrations side, whereas he directly follows production and sales.

To process metal wire in the most varied shapes and uses is the company's specialisation and thanks to the company's avant-garde structure any type of demand and requirement can be met. "The experience gained over the years and our technical preparation make it possible to offer an accurate feasibility study for the component that needs to be produced in order to optimise costs and solve any difficulty" continues Luca. "We are always at the customer's disposal for quotations and the possibility of making samples according to the drawings, thereby guaranteeing assistance throughout the entire preparation process of the piece.  Our production does not require large quantities, but we can agree adequate batches with the customer to reduce costs without the obligation of having useless stocks".


Buy sight unseen

Buy sight unseen

"The quality leap was done in 1995 - continues Luca - when we moved from Marone on Lake Iseo, the initial location of the company, to Corte Franca, where we still have three buildings that cover a total of 3,000 m2.  Of the three buildings, the first is the bending and spot-welding facility for the wire products, the second is the cutting facility and the third is the welding and storage facility. In total there is a head count of 22 in the company, approx. 15 employees plus 4/5 people that belong to a cooperative".

The first wire bending system purchased was Montorfano, one of the first vertical machines that was in operation from 1976 up to 2005. "Those were manually loaded machines; I still remember the pneumatic noise during the bending operations" recalls Bontempi.

"In 1993/94 we purchased a machine with an electronic panel, automatic sliding blocks and loader that was in operation up to 5 years ago, while in '96/97 we got a used machine from an affiliate company of Chicco" continues Bontempi. "To reach today's date, in 2006 we purchased the first 2010 wire bender from Montorfano and then last year we got a used Montorfano machine dated 2003".

The pride and joy of our machine shop however is the DH2010 VGP, which was purchased in 2010 from BLM without even ever seeing it. "Only hearing about the all-electric technology combined with the VGP was enough for me to understand the evolution of the product with the acquisition of Montorfano by the BLM Group" points out Luca.

The customer is pleased that BLM is handling the product, which in this way has been further developed both mechanically and electro-mechanically with Siemens components and VGP software.