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Success Stories


Laser as common thread

K. Moder Gmbh, in Germany, has made laser tube technology the cornerstone for its activity of pure job shop

Nordloh is a small village in northern Germany, near the border with the Netherlands, characterized by a rural landscape that evokes bucolic images quite in contrast with the presence of several major industries, like the one we are going to visit, the company K. MODER GMBH, whose owner, Klaus Moder, has welcomed us with kindness and enthusiasm.


Pioneer in laser technology

the new cutting system installed by the customer

I met Klaus Moder several years ago, when the first laser tube cutting system sold in Germany was installed, and yet, at that time, he had already gained relevant work experience in the field of laser. From the time when he started to work for Rofin Sinar, in 1983, and then for other companies, to the point when he decided to start its own business, in 1992, the common thread of his professional life has always been the laser technology and its industrial applications. Interviewing Mr. Moder is a little bit like retracing the history of laser tube from its origins, with the point of view of someone who has always believed in this technology and still smiles satisfied when somebody calls him a real pioneer in the laser field. When he decided to enter the tube market with a laser job shop business, Moder was working as commercial technician for the first company in Germany with a Lasertube, an ADIGE TT650. It´s no wonder, then, that his company started out with the acquisition of this piece of equipment, which, initially, was used to produce components for the automotive and indoor furniture industries. "With the ADIGE system I took a big step forward and since that moment, I have always been able to stay a step ahead of my competitors in laser tube processing" affirms Moder.


Open profiles and large-size tubes

open profiles and large diameter pipes

By visiting the production facility, it is immediately clear that K. MODER GMBH is an authentic tube job shop. In the beginning, most requests originated from the automotive and furniture sectors, but the use of laser for cutting metal tubes gained quickly ground and also other sectors started taking advantage of this innovative production technology. Consequently, today, it is not easy to categorize with precision the company´s customers, as they belong to many different industries. Thanks to the promising results achieved since the beginning of its operations, in 1991, the company purchased the second laser tube, a TT652, and moved to a bigger facility. "We needed this second system to start processing square and rectangular tubes" explains Mr. Moder. "This new capability opened new frontiers in the field of tube cutting significantly.