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3D graphics programming vgp

CAD/CAM programming software VGP3D

Innovative 3D Visual Programming
and simulating software

Programming and 3D simulation software of part program allows:

  • by simply inputting the components bend coordinates, the complete bending program is graphically simulated;
  • pre-production calculation of the real cycle time is known, so production costs and component pricing can be
  • more precise;
  • component feasibility can be checked without physically testing on the machine or making prototype tooling;
  • quick feedback to customers;
  • likely collision risks are highlighted and the most efficient avoidance route selected automatically;
  • working cycle generated by the VGP3D.
  • Integrated piercing program
  • Management of the main profiles (round, square, rectangular, oval, elliptic and semi-oval)
  • Intuitive program modification (no special know-how such as ISO programming is needed) by means of the touch screen, i.e. touching and dragging components (drag & drop)


  • Complete automatic import and completion of files
  • Import of round and shaped tubing
  • Working in the same environment, both in the office and in the machine


  • Faster (1 min. verses 3.30 min. from CAD)
  • Export full 3D tube assemblies with fittings


  • Immediate verification of the matching between theoretical and required
  • Measuring the distance between the tube and the machine component
  • Measuring the degree of interference


  • Full graphic part optimization
  • Reduced waste
  • The operator is able to redraw the piece and start the production without assistance of the foreman