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Production planning and control


Protube is the tool designed for production planning on BLMGROUP machines . In its basic version named Express, starting from the workpieces programmes, it allows to define production lots, divided by section type and consisting of one or more workpieces, each with the associated quantities to be produced.

It is possible to act on the workpiece manufacturing settings, and customise all machine options in advance. On the basis of the above choices, Protube Express allows an accurate production estimate, supplying:

  • the required number of bars according to the type of workpiece to be produced;
  • an estimate of the production time of the whole lot of a single machine;
  • possibility of exploiting the associated machine yard, balancing the production load.

Once the production batches have been defined, they are transferred to the machine and are ready to be launched.

In the more complete configuration, called Enterprise, even more important and useful functions are being added to the previous ones : you can configure a central server that acts as an archive shared by all the Protube stations. The same server collects the information concerning the current status from the machines and provides the progress of individual batches but also of the entire order.

A single archive of all the programs, which is compatible not only with the laser cutting machines but also with the tube bending and sawing machines of the BLMGROUP becomes an indispensable resource in complex production scenarios, but it is also the best solution to control the efficiency of your plant machinery.

Protube can simultaneously manage the production of the laser cutting machines, bending and sawing machines of the BLM GROUP making way for multi-technology production scenarios with a level of efficiency that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

Protube Express


With Protube Express it is possible to set the most advanced compacting planning techniques (nesting) to reduce the bar swarfs to the minimum.

As a result, the bars already available are exploited or it is possible to compare the results with different lengths and select the most convenient length to be arranged for the bars;

  • a three-dimensional graphic preview can be displayed for each workpiece included in the batch.In this way, one can be sure that no mistakes are made when selecting the programs;
  • it is possible to arbitrarily set both the lot sequence and the sequence of workpieces to be manufactured from each bar, according to production logics other than that of reducing the swarfs (for example from the longest to the shortest one or by homogeneous groups);
  • transfer of the workpiece programmes organised on the basis of the various batches, towards one or more machines, is carried out automatically;
  • information related to a batch composition are suitably saved and can be reutilised to carry out additional modifications or extensions.

Protube Enterprise


Bi-directional communication between machines and Protube Enterprise is the most important feature of the more complete version.

It allows to:

  • check the status of the machines (alerts, alarms) at any time,
  • check the production progress in real time ,
  • which batch is being processed,
  • how many pieces are missing at the end of the current production,
  • but also how much time is required to complete the order in course

With Protube Enterprise messages can be sent to the operators of the individual machines via the integrated chat feature, giving immediate and accurate instructions. All batches processed, work orders and orders are centrally stored and can be reopened for subsequent launches or changes at any time.

  • Can I prepare a batch (job) out of line (in the office)?
  • Can I preset all the processing options of a batch?
  • How can I divide production orders in batches?
  • Can I import production orders from an external file?
  • Can I calculate the number of bars required in relation to the workpiece positioning options (nesting)?
  • Can I optimise the workpiece positioning on the bars?
  • Can I preset it automatically?
  • Can I calculate the best bar length (min. swarfs)?
  • Can I anticipate the sample piece cutting?
  • How much time does it take to process a batch?
  • How much will it cost to produce it?

These are the questions to which Protube gives an efficient reply in its Express configuration.

In most complex scenarios additional requirements may arise:

  • Can I organise and look for my part-programs in an efficient manner?
  • Can I organise the production of orders through structured basic bills of materials?
  • Can I keep track of the job progress?
  • Can I keep track of the processing order progress?
  • Can I be informed about the machine status at any one time?
  • Can I manage my machines from more office posts?

Protube in its most complete configuration (Enterprise) is the answer to all these questions.