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Calculation of time/costs and simulation of workpiece programs


3-Dimensional graphics simulation environment of the cutting program designed to generate a print
preview of all the part programs created through Artube and to manage them as a library that can be easily sorted and consulted.

  • The workpiece so designed and prepared to be manufactured (by means of Artube) can be rapidly displayed with all the envisaged cut geometries before transferring the related program to the machine. A graphic preview of the expected result and a dynamic simulation of the cutting path is available for each program.
  • Both the execution of the single workpiece and the hourly productivity are accurately calculated for each program.
  • To this end the bar length, the bar loading and unloading times, but also the possible compacting options (3D nesting) allowed by the workpiece type and by the machine characteristics that are going to be produced are taken into account.
  • The workpiece programs included in the customer folders are automatically catalogued by type of machine, material thickness, section and length of the workpiece and a variety of other features in order to assure a fast and safe selection during work preparation.
  • Different manufacturing conditions can be simulated and/or different machine operations can be tested (e.g.: bar length or unloading conditions) to measure their impact on the expected productivity.
  • For each machine path both geometrical details (distance between points) and technological details (cutting parameters) can be highlighted for a check or preliminary evaluation.
  • Any production forecast can be saved by creating a structured report. Reports that can be filed and printed can also be customised with the customer's information.
  • Part viewer is compatible with all BLMGROUP laser cutting and bending machines, even the less recent ones, and it is offered as an indispensable instrument for simplified management and verification of its workpiece library.
  • How is this part-program piece made?
  • How is the processing carried out?
  • I have to cut a concave/special section: can I be sure that head and nozzle do not touch the material?
  • Which technological parameters are used during processing and where?
  • How much time does it take to process it?
  • What are the consumption rates required to produce it?
  • How much will it cost to produce it?

These are the questions to which Partviewer replies.

With Partviewer you can quickly check the production process that is about to be started and exclude any possible programming error.  Immediately estimate the impact of cost and productivity based on preset processing options and hence draw up detailed estimates.