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Focus on your creativity and leave us
the task of transforming them into results.

When deciding to invest in a laser cutting system, the first thing to consider is - of course - the most obvious, that is the machine, its technical features and its constructive solutions to seek maximum robustness and reliability.

Only later does the thought go to the programming tools. However, it is important to consider that the latter is what you will be working with on every day and make the difference between efficiency and inefficiency.

So, looking into the "control centre" in detail is very important. The programming and production planning environment must be easy to use and powerful enough to exploit every function of the machine.

This is Artube 3: an all-graphic 3D CAD/CAM program dedicated specifically to designing tube components. It:

  • guides you to choose the right technical solutions according to the job
  • shows you only the applicable operations in all steps
  • transforms the drawings of single parts and entire frames into perfectly optimised programs for the machines in a few clicks
  • interfaces easily with other CAD programs to import 3D models in the most common formats
  • allows to apply adjustments until the end without needing to edit the source drawing.

Artube 3 means getting off to a good start in the world of tube laser cutting. This successful processing method counts thousands of happy customers worldwide and today with the third generation is the most powerful solution available on the market. Ask for a demonstration and compare the tools you will be using every day and which will impact your return on investment.

3D parametric modelling: it is never too late to change your mind


To modify, add or leave out  machining operations, change section, adjust radius or thickness; everything is possible to rapidly adapt to new requirements within the same project and without exiting Artube.

Composer: many similar pieces.


Define and save your processing groups and reuse them later on by setting only the quantity and number of repetitions. Everything can be carried out without having to reopen Artube. Interfacing with an external ERP is also available upon request.

Importation: open to standards


The models of pieces created in other environments and saved in the most diffused graphic formats can be imported into Artube and transformed into native models.

Bend cutting: it is not just a matter of geometries


In order to obtain satisfactory results, the elastic behaviour of the material and the actual tube thickness must be taken into account. It is advisable to select the most suitable functional variant depending on the application, avoiding incremental adjustments that cause waste of time and of material as much as possible.

Special sections: new opportunities at your fingertips


Integration and reduction of the number of components are the two principles that direct more and more designers towards the use of special sections for their objectives. Artube (like the Lasertube machines) is ready to seize these opportunities.

Frames: the best that the tube allows


Draw the outline (wireframe) of the structure to be assembled and assign the selected sections.

This alone is sufficient to get all the machine programs required to implement the pieces of a frame. Supports and joints are solved by Artube.

For better and more sophisticated results, fittings and toothed hooks, special supports that can still be handled by Artube in assisted mode are available.

Importation of curved tube: new multi-technology scenarios are made possible


The BLMGROUP offers its expertise in tube manufacturing with different technologies: laser cutting, bending, disk cutting and shaping. Artube reflects this experience with the ability to import also bent and machined tubes and the ability, for each technology, to submit the required programming information necessary for the implementation of multi-piece technology.

Multi-machine: the same program on all lasertube machines.

For more complex production scenarios, where there are two or more different lasertube machines (eg. an LT8, an LT Fiber and an LT Jumbo), it is very convenient to be able to design your own pieces without rigidly deciding which machine will implement them . Compatibly with the characteristics of the individual machines (maximum diameter, weight, cutting technology) the same program can be run on any model of the Lasertube family .

CAM multiproject: evaluate multiple alternative technical solutions on a machine with a single program


When launching a new production, it is convenient to provide several alternatives, both in technological and functional terms. All versions are integrated into a single program with the advantage of maintaining greater control and order in the workpiece archive. Likewise on the machine, it will always be possible to intervene on the machining options without the need to access Artube again.

Open profiles: embracing the most diverse areas of application


To design large structures with H or IPE profiles, to take advantage of C or U angles for frames in the automotive industry but also doors and windows, to process sharp edged extruded pieces for modern design solutions. To explore new solutions through the definition of a customized profile.

Preparation of welds (3D cutting): anticipate the needs of further processing


Easily adding space for the welding seam results in an enormous saving of time and in a greater degree of precision of the final assembled piece. Artube has a library of specific functions in frame applications and steel structures.

  • Processing tubes and obtaining a cost-effective production is not only a problem of laser cutting technology.
  • It 'just as important (and in many cases even more important) to be able to set the optimum working conditions: with Artube you can do that because it includes the widest experience in tube processing, BLM GROUP's core business, available on the market.
  • Each stage of the design with Artube makes exclusively use of all the options that over time have proven to be useful, refined through thousands of contributions by many end users.