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LT5 is a Lasertube machine, designed to cut from small to medium diameters and thicknesses, easy to use. Ideal for all situations where you do not need to change frequently production and there are no special sections or open profiles to cut.

LT5 is equipped with:

  • unloading and support system of cut pieces in lengths: 4500 mm
  • separating, collecting and palletising systems can be integrated after the unloader
  • a device named "spoon" for maintaing cleanliness of the tube internal surface. This option is particularly useful on certain applications where stainless tube is involved (food industry, furnishings, exhaust pipes, catalytic pots).
  • weld seam detection
  • a 1 kW fiber laser source, particularly suited for processing the materials and thicknesses indicated in the following table:


LT5 has the same features and the same benefits of other Lasertube models with a lower investment level.

It 's suitable to cut standard tubes up to 13.5 kg / m weight and in particular:

  • round tubes up to 120 mm diameter
  • square up to 100 mm
  • rectangles, ovals and elliptical semi-flat/full up to 120x70 mm

The main features are tube automatic manipulation, from bar loader to piece unloader, easy to use

The programming software Artube is a three-dimensional, parametric, Artube CAD-CAM package specifically designed, developed and dedicated for tube applications, that amplifies the productivity potential of the machine.

Productivity and Performance


the synchronised operation of all the sub-systems of the machine results in high productivity without any time loss;
the high reliability of the machine and the cutting permits unmanned machine operation;
the production changeover takes only a few minutes thanks to the simple adjustments conveniently located in the same area of the operator.

Efficient handling of tubes


the large-capacity loader is designed to automatically handle bundles of tubes (round, oval) as well as packages of square and rectangular tubes;

length of each tube is measured during the preloading phase. This information is used by the machine to optimise the nesting and minimise the end scrap;

the tube is supported and guided during each phase to ensure the maximum accuracy of cut parts and rotect the tube surface from scratches.

Separation of cut parts


unloading operation can be programmed to unload cut parts either on the front side or on the rear side of the machine. Different types of pieces can be automatically collected in separate containers placed in the unloading area. This saves a lot of time and handling;

a conveyor belt can be installed at the rear side, to unload short-length cut-pieces or to collect scrap and end-pieces.

The advantages of the fiber laser

  • in addition to mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys, fiber laser can also cut copper and brass;
  • the higher cutting speeds offered by the fiber laser enhances the production capacity of the machine;
  • higher wall plug efficiency lowers power consumption and hence considerably reduces the installed power requirement;
  • maintenance free.

User friendly


  • The integration of electric cabinets on one end of the machine allows access and passage on both sides along its entire length.
  • Large doors with double opening at the front offer easy access for adjustments and maintenance.
  • The operator console can be easily turned so as to have the complete visibility of the cutting process at all times.
  • Optional chain conveyors can be installed on both sides of the machine to carry the cut pieces at a convenient height for easy collection.

Smart Connected Products


Take advantage of the benefits of FULL PROCESS MANAGEMENT on software level

  • import 3D tube models for bending and laser cutting
  • automatically generate part programs for all the required technologies (laser, cutting, bending)
  • calculate the combined effects of laser cutting and bending
  • automatically correct programs for all involved technologies to respect the geometric features of the finished part