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Lasertube LT14 FIBER

LT14 FIBER: fiber laser thinks big

3D laser cutting for large diameters

A cutting  kinematics completely different from other laser tube machines; this is the most important feature of the LT14 FIBER.

During the cutting process, it is not the tube to be moved but the cutting head thanks to 5 axis controlled by CN, one of which with a range exceeding 6.5 m along the axis of the tube.

  • Production takes place faster, because it's not always necessary to shift the tube but only the cutting head, much lighter and more responsive.
  • The overall geometric accuracy is also higher because the tube is positioned at the beginning of the program and moved no more but at the time of unloading.

The plant is equipped with a fiber laser source 3 kW (4 kW in option) and a new 3D cutting head specifically developed by BLM GROUP: with 3D cutting, joints between tubes of large thickness are more accurate and chamfers and bevels can be created that simplify the subsequent welding operations.

The machine is able to load, cut and unload automatically tubes and parts up to 355 mm in diameter, open and special profiles (IPE included) without requiring retooling or mechanical manual operations.

Innovative architecture


The positions of the three chucks during the cutting operations are automatically managed to minimize the work-piece movement. The cutting head moves over the entire length of the tube to perform the cutting operation with precision and speed.

No end scrap


The two passing chucks have  dual function, move over the tube's OD to appropriate positions and grip the tube.  Thus the cutting head can access the entire length of the tube and perform cutting operations at both the extremities: no end scrap.

Loading and unloading in batch


The perfect segregation of the cutting area to constantly ensure  highest level of safety   , does not slow down production in any way.
A double radiation-barrier system permits the loading of the new tube   and the unloading of the cut pieces without interrupting the cutting process.

Production without collisions or falls


The support carriages move  vertically as well as horizontally. The vertical movement is used to support the tube during cutting process while the horizontal movement is used for unloading the cut parts in desired, programmable locations along the X axis.

Not only steel


Fiber laser opens the possibility of cutting all metals including  aluminum alloys, copper and brass. The reduced power consumption and the maintenance-free laser generator   make it to be a more than valid alternative to the traditional CO2 laser technology.