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LT722 high productivity laser machine

LT722D: CO2 tube laser cutting system

High productivity and flexibility up to Ø 152 mm

The LT722D laser tube cutting system provides 20% higher production rate than normally experienced in the field combined with a unique level of flexibility and automatic adjustments. This feature makes it suitable for both small batches or large runs.

With capacities up to 152mm diameter and maximum lengths up to either 6500mm or 8500mm (on demand), the LT722D laser cutting system offers the following features:

  • fully CNC programmable adjustments
  • changeovers in less than 3 minutes
  • technological database for tubular components based on thousands of on filed applications
  • fast programming: from design to finished part in less than 10 minutes with unskilled operators
  • fully automatic bar handling from bundle including measuring, feeding, cutting and unloading
  • minimum bar waste

Standard Artube CAD-CAM software control packages specifically designed for single and assembled tube programming allow extremely high exploitation of the system.

Available as part of the system:

  • weld seam detector
  • control device for enhanced piercing
  • unloading system lengths of 3500-4500-6500mm
  • separation and collection of different lengths
  • tube cleaning device to preserve tube I.D. integrity. This is particularly suitable for stainless steel tube used in the food industry, furniture, automotive exhausts and catalytic silencers.

Smart Connected Products


Take advantage of the benefits of FULL PROCESS MANAGEMENT on software level

  • import 3D tube models for bending and laser cutting
  • automatically generate part programs for all the required technologies (laser, cutting, bending)
  • calculate the combined effects of laser cutting and bending
  • automatically correct programs for all involved technologies to respect the geometric features of the finished part

LT722 e E-TURN in automatic cell


More in particular, the combination of laser and bending processes in a production cell allows:

  • high repeatability and quality thanks to the mask control on 100% of the products;
  • simplified production process. Further piece machining on additional equipment is not required;
  • guarantee of flexibility for further different uses of the system.

The process includes more machining in one cycle:

  • load
  • laser cutting
  • unload
  • precise piece orientation to guarantee the correct positioning after the bending
  • bending
  • unload

This process is particularly suitable for applications such as furniture, automotive and motorcycle.