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The lasertube LT14 - LT24 system is an automatic laser tube cutting machine that implements on grand-scale the experience, the quality and the effective solutions that are already consolidated in all the mix of our Lasertube machines.

The available versions are:

  • LT 14 for the processing of tubes up to 355 mm of diameter (min. Ø 25,4 mm) and with a maximum weight of 100 kg/m.
  • LT 24 able to machine tubes up to 610 mm of diameter (min Ø 50 mm) and with a maximum weight of 300 kg/m.

The LT14/LT24 can be used to cut tubes (round, square and rectangular), open profiles, H-beams or IPE, special profiles.

The loading unit (std. tube length of 12,5mt - Option up to 18 mt. on LT 24) is able to handle the singling, the measurement and the tubes movement of different shape and dimension on the work line, in series.

Tube handling and management system from the loading line to the machining area, comprising units and CNC axes for handling, turning and supporting the tube to be machined. Handling speed is variable and automatically selected according to tube weight.
After being fed into the loader, the tubes are singled out and arranged by a set of conveyors into the cutting line one at a time.

The tube is clamped by the rear carriage at this time and released at the end of the machining operations.
The carriage moves the tube along the track and supplies two working spindles.

The carriage and the spindles shift and rotate the tube along the track, specifically in the working area, so that the 5-axis unit can processes all parts - before, between and after the spindles.

The programming and the movement of the most important modules of the LT14 - LT24 take place through the operator console, on which it is displayed a scheme of the all devices conditions.
A technological database allows a high-quality laser cutting up to thicknesses of 16 mm.

The ability to efficiently accurately and consistently create any cut geometry in tube or pipe means that the Lasertube LT14 - LT24 it's a revolution in tube fabrication in different fields;
Agricultural equipment, heavy construction equipement, ship building, oil industry, mining and conveying, crane lifts.

Chaining loader and unloading module


both of them handle bars from 12.5 up to 18 m long (min. 6000 mm long, opt. 4000 mm) and allow the machining of the entire bar.







Short pieces unloading device (up to 3200 mm)


it speeds up the collection of the final / worked pieces and allows the collection of final pieces on a full motorized band.








Servo controlled support devices

Several supporting systems, arranged along the track, are self-regulating and active, these means that they are capable of supporting the bar during rotations and shifts in order to avoid/minimize the deformation caused by the weight of the tube, they are managed by a CNC axis. The supports fold away to let the carriage through when handling tubes.

Tilt head for 3D machining / manufacturing


essential to realize tilted machining as for instance caulking tools and semi-caulking tools on holes and endings that facilitate the next tubes assemblage and welding operations.







Contact integrated measure system


it is able to notice the differences between the expected profile and the real profile and it's allow to calculate the necessary compensations, that bring the machining precision to the most elevated standards







…to carry out multiple operations with a single system

WHY A LT14 - LT24

Cutting, deburring, punching and/or die-casting, drilling and stock removal are all possible with one solution;

…to explore new solutions in a simple manner

WHY A LT14 - LT24

Fittings or support machinings especially between more large tubes can be easily and quickly carried out compared to other cutting technologies. The reduced dimension of the laser beam and the lower amount of heat transmitted to the material limits thermal deformations and guarantees the best tolerance in the assembly operations that follow; obtain accurate machinings while taking care of material quality

WHY A LT14 - LT24

Bars of large diameter and thickness, although twisted, can be efficiently handled thanks to specific adaptation capacities of the spindle grip. The possibility of measuring bar deformations and taking them into account during machinings, guarantees reliability and repeatability of results. Rust and/or painted surfaces are not a problem, thanks to specifically developed operating modes; work continuously in an unmanned mode

The system has been manufactured to allow material loading and unloading in a fully automatic mode. Handling efficiency of pieces allows to carry out unmanned production continuously.