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machine for tube forming

TUBE-FORM: CNC tube end-forming machine with rotary table

TUBE-FORM with a multi-station with auto-indexing pre-load system

Main features of TUBE-FORM with indexing rotary table are:

  • 8 tons
  • four auto-indexing clamping stations
  • up to 6 forming stations and two supplementary rotary stations (for rolling and/or machining)
  • unique 'floating' clamp jaw compensates for tube intolerances
  • higher productivity with the loading and unloading time absorbed into the cycle time
  • each of the four clamping stations can take more than one tube enhancing output
  • nuts, flanges and fittings can be easily accommodated and loaded manually or automatically

The CNC tube end-forming machine TUBE-FORM is ideal for components which require both ends end-formed and for short or complex pre-bent parts which are difficult to load and unload.