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aluminum tube bending


Fully electric tube bending machine
with right and left bending,
VGP3D and integrated load/unload

SMART is the new all-electric (8 axes) tube bending machine with 3D visual programming software (VGP3D), SMART meets the following requirements:

  • Can be freely and quickly switched into right-hand or left-hand configuration
  • Multi-stack
  • The automatic load and unload integrated in the machine offer the possibility of lights-out operation
  • Compact machine with small footprint (compact layout)

Suitable for the bending of tubes up to diam. 28 mm, SMART offers the following advantages:

  • Fixed or variable radius bending
  • All critical machine setting parameters are fixed and managed by the CNC (clamping, pressure die, mandrel, CLR)
  • Set-up data are stored together with the piece program
  • Constant repeatability and accuracy
  • Cheaply to run (power consumption reduced up to 50% compared to electro-hydraulic machines)
  • Environment friendly: no oil disposal, noise level < 70dba
  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • Easy to use

Programming is made through the BLM graphical interactive programming software VGP3D, with:

  • Component feasibility check and generation of themost suitable working cycle (times and costs)
  • Likely collision risks are highlighted and the most efficient avoidance route selected automatically
  • by simply inputting the components bend coordinates, the complete bending program is graphically simulated

Particularly suitable for the bending of tubes with complex shape and multiple bending radii, even pre-assembled (fittings, end-forms, etc.), mostly used in the automotive branch (hydraulic pipes, air conditioning, power supply) as well as HVAC.

Thanks to the wide range of feeders and loaders, customers can choose the best suitable solution for their needs:

  • simple automatic loader with possibility to load end-formed tubes
  • special loader for pre-assembled tubes, with end-formed ends or flexible parts
  • integration in manufacturing cells with end-forming stations connected by robot
  • integration in manufacturing cells with cutting, punching stations etc. connected by robot

Increase up to 20% of the productivity

Thanks to the perfect axis interpolation we could exploit at their best the simultaneity logics generated by our programming software VGP3D, with a cycle time reduction from 20% to 50% compared to machines without interpolation.

Reduced maintenance costs

The proposed solutions make the wiring on the machine easier. This means easy maintenance and reduced causes of breakdowns.

The limit switches on the cylinders, the mechanical adjustments and the connection cables often cause unexpected and unwanted machine breakdowns.

The removal of all hydraulic devices such as fittings, tubes, cylinders and valves allow to reduce the machine components usually subject to maintenance, wear and breakage. The full-digital connections of the motors give the possibility to obtain information about the diagnostic of each single component and an important reduction of the reaction and maintenance time.

This means higher reliability of the components and therefore of the machine.

Aluminium car components manufacturing cell


This is a completely automatic tube manufacturing cell designed to produce aluminium tubular components for automotive air conditioning, in lights-out operation. The production process includes: de-coiling, straightening, end-forming, swarfless cutting, bending and 100% in-line camera inspection of all tubular components.

The benefits of increased productivity, reduced changeover time and material waste directly turn into a substantial cost reduction.

Indirect costs are considerably reduced eliminating intermediate semi finished material stocks, shorter work flow, reduced footprint usage without effecting the process flexibility to produce families of components.

A final 100% in-line camera inspection of all tubular components assures consistency and quality.

Process aimed to produce steel oil level dip stick (Ø 10x1mm) for the automotive industry and consisting of the following operations:

  • feeding from coil
  • straightening
  • end-forming of tube end n. 1
  • swarfless cut
  • end-forming of tube end n. 2
  • bending with variable radius
  • automatic unload

The advantages of this configuration:

  • cycle time reduced by 2/3 for each piece,
  • production quality remains the same over three working shifts, independent from operator's skills
  • only one supevisor required over three shifts

Process aimed to produce Al 3003 water collectors (18x1 mm) for the automotive industry and consisting of the following working steps:

  • start from coil
  • straightening
  • end-forming of end n. 1
  • swarfless cut without burr
  • end-forming of end n. 2
  • 100% in-line control of the machined tube ends (both sides)
  • automatic unload for the following working step
  • CNC bending with 3 different stacks
  • piece unload according to piece type

The advantages of this solution and process configuration are the following:

  • cycle time is reduced by 2/3 for each piece,
  • production quality remains the same over three working shifts, independent from operator
  • only one operator required
  • no scraps, and 100% in-line production control

* just in time production without intermediate material storage