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4-RUNNER: tube bending and end-forming machine

4-RUNNER: tube bending and end-forming machine

Machining centre from coil
for end-forming, bending and cutting

4-RUNNER is a complete production process starting from a coil: straightening, end-forming (up to six passes), facing, rolling, bending, cutting and controlled unloading of the finished part all in one.

The unquestionable advantage of this combined machining centre is that it can be configured and used with various modules for specific jobs or complete processes from straightening to unloading the finished parts entirely cut, bent and formed.

On bending side, the 4-RUNNER allows to make fixed and variable radius arrangements on the plane and in space, which can be integrated according to design development in automatic sequences without bending problems: all-in-one process, without reworks.

The possibility of combining multiple radius bending or stretching technologies on the same part guarantees the best flexibility and the highest production rates.

On end-forming side, the machine may be configured with four or six push passes or four push and one revolving pass.

Different cutting devices are used according to applications: inner orbital cutter, outer orbital cutter, disc cutter.

Extreme versatility like this means:

  • top flexibility for jobs and applications
  • top efficiency and low investments costs with integrated processes and the possibility of implementing just-in-time methods

3D visual graphic programming (VGP3D) makes using the machine extremely easy, comfortable and safe.

The 4-RUNNER bending centre is particularly suited to machining small and medium size tubes even of very complex shapes typically used in automotive, air conditioning, heating or cooling system applications.

The 4-RUNNER tube bending machine can by used for an extremely wide array of processes by fitting a series of modules and accessories which allow additional jobs:

Cutting devices


According to the applications, the machine may be configured with different cutting devices:

  • Inner orbital cutting - for pre-etching the tube for piecing at the end of the bending process.
  • Outer orbital cutter - this tool is managed by two electric axes for faster speed and better cutting quality.

Both devices are recommended for applications in which the production of chips is not desirable.

Disc cutter - this is managed by one electric axis recommended for applications privileging speed and flexibility.


The machine is fed from a motorised coiler with in-process tube advancement and recovery with the following features:

  • two-way motor
  • IDLE mode option selectable on the VGP3D program
  • pneumatic clutch adjustment to minimise jerks
  • full integration with machine software

horizontal or vertical coiler configuration.

Special applications

  • Load bed for serpentines
  • Piercing
  • In-line marking

Different piercing, managed automatically


Possibility of piercing of various diameters and/or through holes.

Piecing speed and depth is optimised with consequent cycle time reduction (all without adjustments) by managing the electric axis piercing device.

Because it implements VGP3D: one programming interface for all your bending and end-forming jobs.


VGP3D provides a single programming environment for managing bending and end-forming programs alike. Operators can:

  • generate a single part program containing the bending and end-forming jobs
  • calculate the overall production time for estimating and planning production.

VGP3D also allows to optimise all end-forming operations dynamically.

Because it guarantees immediate repeatability.


The position and settings of each electric axis are saved together with the part program. This means no need for troublesome adjustments when you change production.

Cutting tooling change time has a significant advantage when making small production batches and for reducing scrap when tuning the machine after each re-tooling operation.

Remarkably, the material you save for tuning the machine tooling can total up to 7000 €/year.

All setup parameters are also saved with the current part program. This means fast setup and, above all, position repeatability: no special expert re-tooling knowledge is required signifying that the machine does not need to be operated by a specialist.

Very low maintenance: features include no electric-hydraulic components, remote and/or video servicing functions and easy troubleshooting with simplified electric components and wiring.

Because its saves up to 20% power.

Using electric axes for all significant machine movements allows a drastic reduction of consumption with respect to other older tube bending machines of comparable size fitting electric-hydraulic drives.

Consumption is zero when the motor is still. This is not so for electric-hydraulic machines, because the hydraulic circuit pump must be operated continuously even when the machine is not moving to keep the system pressurised consequently consuming power all the time.

It is eco-compatible


It is eco-compatible (it drastically reduces noise and hydraulic oil and minimises energy consumption).

All-electric axes and no hydraulic unit considerably reduce the noises and vibrations emitted into the environment. Furthermore, the acceleration and deceleration ramps of each device are designed to prevent collisions between tools.

The noise level is lower than 70 dB (A). As confirmed by many studies, less noise means a noticeable decrease in operator fatigue and improves overall working conditions.