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Success stories


Twenty-four bending Sequences

By taking advantage of its relevant experience and wide range of equipment, Mecart srl, Reggio Emilia, Italy, is able to fully satisfy any production requirement of its customers.

Mecart srl specializes in metal tubular fabricating and bending and in particular for the gas oven and gas rail market.. The company was founded in 1977 as production unit of a major Italian kitchen range manufacturer. Over the years, Mecart has gradually diversified its production and target markets, additionally now acting as a dedicated "job shop", and supplying the automotive and climate control sectors.


100 pieces with flexibility

"The structure of our organization has been modified over the years to better respond to the changing market needs" says Davide Cervi who together with his father, Alberto, founder of the company, and his brother Andrea, manages and leads the family business. "We are proud of having, among our customers, some of the most important manufacturers of cookers, ovens and gas hobs , but we also can mention important names in the automotive industry. Due to the growing tendency in the Kitchen Industry to outsource production to low-cost labour countries, we had to find new end markets. Therefore, although we are still a significant manufacturer of tubular fittings for the kitchen industry, in Italy and countries like Russia and the Middle East, in the last years, we set as our primary objective the growth of our market share in the automotive sector and in all market sectors requiring fluid-conducting tubular elements, such as the refrigeration, air-conditioning, and hydraulic businesses. Although we prefer batches with over 100 pieces, we can also satisfy the growing market request for much smaller batches, thanks to the flexibility provided by our comprehensive range of technologically advanced systems and machines. We are able to serve customers requiring short runs and large industrial quantities of tubular components with small-medium diameter, in aluminium and steel".


Over 40 Machines

tube bending in gas oven industry

The most impressive aspect of Mecart is its wide range of equipment, consisting of over 40 machines. Even if the kings of the workshop are the tube bending machine, there is a complete range of end-forming machines to perform the simplest to the most complex of end forms. Hydraulic or electric, stand alone or integrated in one of the five robotised manufacturing cells located in the workshop, the tube bending machines represents the manufacturing central pillar at Mecart, today, their know-how and specialization of this fabricating process is taken for granted. "We are equipped to be a competent and reliable partner, able to carry out all the auxiliary manufacturing processes associated with the main bending process" says Andrea Cervi. "Customers expect tube job shops to provide finished products, thus the supplier has to be prepared to satisfy any request. In order to deal with this challenge, typically every year, we buy a new machine to either replace an old one or to respond to new and specific production needs". "The role of the sub-contract manufacturer is evolving into a much more complex relationship. Today, we have to be a reliable partner for our customers, able to provide them with finished sub-components within a definite timeframe, in the quantity required and to the expected quality" states Davide Cervi. "To react rapidly to any unexpected event and always respect the contract conditions, it is necessary to have the best technologies available and a comprehensive range of equipment. Moreover, it is very important to take a proactive role during the design stage. The sub-contract manufacturer should have the ability and experience to provide the customer with competent advice and support to shorten and simplify the production cycle and, at the same time, maintain the necessary component functionality.


Having the humility to listen

repeatable bending process for constant quality

Not only the extensive range of equipment but also the quality of it, is very impressive at Mecart; and this could not be otherwise, considering the close relationship with the BLM Group, a relationship which is more like a partnership than the typical supplier-customer sales relationship. PLANET, SWING, AST….the list of BLM machinery installed in the workshop is endless. "The decision to establish a stable technological partnership with BLM proved itself to be a winning formula - says Mr. Alberto Cervi - because, in addition to the intrinsic machinery reliability and value, we can rely on BLM for quality customer service and technical support. In fact, the technicians are always ready and willing to listen to our production needs and problems, and we work together to find the best solutions. Even if BLM stand for excellence, the people working in the company still have the modesty to listen to its customers, and this modesty has been, over the years, one of the main success factors. We have always appreciated the machines reliability and flexibility, together with the precision and repeatability of the bending process- adds Davide Cervi - but it is the BLM Service that delights us every time in terms of speed of response and availability. Even though we have enough machines and production capacity to cover production in the event of a breakdown, the time necessary to solve the problem is always extremely short".


Complex shapes

As mentioned above, during its diversification process, Mecart has progressively entered the automotive market; the company manufactures some particularly complex stainless steel serpentines bends starting with a 5 metre straight tube length of 10mm diameter x 1mm wall tube. "The shape of the component, with 24 different bending sequences including variable radius, represented a major challenge" says satisfied Mr. Davide. "Given the tube size, there were big interference problems between tube and machine, but we overcame them "easily", thanks to the development of a special "thin" bending tool which enabled the movement of the bent tube on the machine". Their significant experience has helped Mecart to position itself as a reliable production partner in very complex and demanding markets such as the automotive.