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Success stories


Doing something others don’t

PROFILAS, in the Czech Republic, has made lasertube its cornerstone in supplying not only finished pieces, but various beneficial solutions

the customer satisfied with his bender

On a snowy winter evening near Prague, Mr. Jan Beran owner of PROFILAS shows us the business facilities that he set up about three years ago for job shop machining.

From outside the view is a little spectral, but very charming: the company is located in an area that was once a large steel mill and is now an infinite array of semi-deserted buildings that are taken one by one and restructured by new businesses like PROFILAS.

Mr. Beran used to be division director of a large building company and handled mostly structural steel constructions. He tells us fondly of his experience, of his great interest in the mechanical field and how he came to a turning point and set up his own business.

"At first, it wasn't at all easy", he says, and it's not hard to believe him, "but there were several signs that I had done the right thing at the right time". Of course, the idea of innovation, in the sense of "doing something that others don't" that guided Mr. Beran through the whole development stage to become a sort of corporate mission was right.


Two lasertube systems, in only a few months

laser technology allows a significant reduction in costs

The choice of automating the production process with the installation of CNC laser cutting systems should be considered a winner. With great pride, Mr. Beran tells us of the great leap compared to his previous experience where everything was done manually as the processes had extremely little automation. The new business immediately started with the installation of an LT120 ADIGE lasertube system, but only a few months later the company unexpectedly found itself in a condition to have to purchase a second one.

In fact, the advantages deriving from the use of lasertube systems were immediately evident: a considerable reduction in production times and costs compared to traditional technologies; great production versatility to give the possibility of penetrating new market sectors and the possibility of supplying its customers not only with finished pieces, but a varied range of solutions and benefits compared to traditional technologies, which is what Mr. Beran considers the most important. "I don't like doing routine work" he says, without hiding the satisfaction of supplying his customers with something different and certainly interesting.

Using the system's 3D programming software shows how in the construction solutions of elements that needed pipe joining, new types of joints can be suggested thanks to the laser system that immediately fascinated customers. "Start-up of the system was not critical as I was already familiar with plasma systems and systems for sheet processing.

Of course, tube processing is rather different, but I wanted to learn about the product thoroughly so that I could programme it and operate it myself. I have a good relationship with the technicians of the service centre who guarantee an effective service".



In conclusion, perhaps it was pointless asking his opinion on the right strategy to overcome this world crisis. In fact, his comment was consistent with everything he said up to now: innovation.

One must "do something that others don't". But not only that. The secret is to "satisfy the customer in terms of delivery times, costs and quality. If I make a mistake, I try to put it right before the customer even so much as notices it and if the customer makes a mistake I do everything possible to find the best solution to put it right".