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Tube frames design made simpler

Innovative Solutions


Tube frames design made simpler

Taking technology on board!

For example, a bus/coach frame traditionally involves several machining operations including: sawing, milling, drilling, punching, notching, deburring etc.

Now it can be a single machine, with a single tool, that "finish-machines" the frame tubes which fit together perfectly because of the inherent accuracy of the tube laser.

Moreover, new levels of creativity allow design innovations such as the "bend-cut" where it's possible to: reduce component parts; significantly reduce welding time; speed up final assembly.

Beside an excellent machine it is then important to have simple but effective design tools in order to:

  • manage these and many other laser manufacturing solutions in a totally parametric way, modular in terms of drawing and robust in laser technology management.
  • take into account tubes section and thickness and adapt every single geometry.
  • configure and exploit  all machine functionalities to get a globally efficient process.