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LT14: with touch probe to correct tube errors

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LT14: with touch probe to correct tube errors

LT14: with touch probe to correct tube errors

If shape faults or major axial deformations are not taken into consideration as they occur during tube machining, the end cuts will be distorted and holes and geometries will be positioned incorrectly.

Traditionally, multiple technologies are needed to obtain parts starting from tubes and sections for structural applications and errors may occur when repeatedly arranging parts on different machine tools. The parts need to be adjusted at the end using manual grinders to bring tolerances within the established range.

In addition to wasting time, the resulting quality is not always predictable and the required repeatability cannot be guaranteed.

Lasertube LT14 and LT20 solve these problems by measuring the tube shape errors and automatically generating the corrections to be implemented in the part programs.

In this manner, high quality production within the assigned tolerances is obtained and, above all, the required repeatability is achieved for the entire production.