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Active Tools

Fast oxygen piercing with the Active Piercing and Active Focus functions

The function Active Piercing, which is particularly advantageous for oxygen cuts, specifically for piercing material of medium-to-high thickness, has been available on LT8 Lasertube for some time.

It has two effects:

  • the first is that piercing times are optimised with respect to that which can be obtained by setting a fixed time and lower power
  • the second - which also applies to nitrogen cutting - is that of piercing certainty.

The Active Piercing function ensures that piercing is as rapid as possible.

A new function called Active Focus has been recently implemented on LT8. This function allows to adjust the laser beam focus automatically, and not only manually using the ring on the cutting head.

This is not the only advantage. By combining the Active Focus and Active Piercing functions for oxygen cutting, piercing times can be reduced even further.

In brief, by saving time and increasing productivity, the Active Piercing and Active Focus functions allow to rapidly recover the investment made to equip the machine and become an advantage permanently available during  the entire production process.