BLMelements open profiles

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Дата начала
3 days
Место проведения
Levico Terme (TN)
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BLMelements open profiles is tailored to Artube operators of LT14, LT20, LT24 and LT14 FIBER. The course enables participants to develop advanced Artube programming skills on 3D laser cutting of open section beams and flat section bars for frames and / or structures.


Operators CAD/CAM Artube for LT14, LT20, LT24 and LT14 FIBER.


Train the operator on the programming of 3D laser cutting on open profiles beams, for frames and / or structures.


Programming of 3D laser cutting cycle on HEA, HEB, IPE construction beams.
Importing frames and structures in IFC format, processing and modification of individual components as native elements.
Use of Composer in structural profiles for the automatic creation of part-programs from the same group.
Simulation of the working cycle and CAM anti-collision module.
Increase your knowledge advanced technics on parameter changed with Active Marking for identification and traceability of each piece produced.

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